1 Turns in to 5

Choregraphie par :  Katie  Marshall

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Octobre 2018

Musique :                  One Shot – Hunter Hayes

#1 Tag, 1 Restart on the 4th wall facing 6:00 wall. Dance the first 14 counts with a ¼ turn sailor to the left

Walk, Walk, cross & heel (x2 start on R then L)
1-2        R Walk, L walk
3&4&    R cross over L, step out to side L & R heel, place R heel down
5-6        L walk, R walk
7&8&    L cross over L, step out R & L Heel, L foot down

¼ turn L, R side step, L side step, behind side cross, L side step, R side step, toe heel in
1-2        ¼ turn to L, R step out to side, L step out to side
3&4       R behind L, L out to side, R cross over L
5-6        step out L, step out R
7&8       toes in, heel in, toe in
*Tag / Restart on 4th wall facing 6:00.

Shuffle back, Shuffle ½ turn to L, R heel, L heel, R heel & hitch & heel
1&2       Triple step (R L R) back
3&4       ¼ turn to L Triple step (L R L)
5-6        R Heel, L heel
7&8&    R heel, R hitch, R heel, R foot down

L side step out, R side step out, ¼ turn sailor step, ½ R, ½ L,
1-2        Step out L, step our R
3&4       sailor step (L, R, L) ¼ turn L
5-6        step forward R foot ½ turn R
7&8&    ½ turn back to the L, ½ turn to L to face new wall (this is a full turn to face the back wall. Your first step on your R foot is your start of dance)

Contact: Kmarsha2@gmail.com


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