A Lioness With You

Choregraphie par :  Annie Bradbury, Hervey Bay, Qld., Australia. Sue Wilson, Motueka N.Z 

Description :            64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire facile, Janvier 2019

Musique :                 Lioness – Beccy Cole. Album: Lioness

#16 Count Intro. – ONE RESTART

Walk Fwd RL, Side Rock Recover, Behind, 1/4L Fwd, R Step Pivot 1/4L
1,2,3,4               Walk Forward Right , Left, Side Rock onto Right and Recover on Left.
5,6                     Cross Right behind left, Step Forward on left making 1/4L
7,8                     Step Forward on Right and Pivot 1/4L. Weight on L.

R Behind, Side, R Cross Rock Recover, R Side, HOLD, Ball-Step L , R Side, Rock back on Left
9,10,11,12         Step Right Behind, Step Left to side, Cross Rock R , recover onto L
13,14                 Step R to Side, HOLD ,
&15,16              Left next to Right (& Ball Step) Step R to side Rock back on L (slightly behind R)

Step R Across, L Side, R Behind, 1/4L Fwd, R Rock Fwd, Back L , R Toe Strut
17,18                Step R Across, L, Step Left to side,
19,20                Step Right Behind Turn 1/4 L Step Fwd L
21,22 , 23 24    Rock Fwd on R, Recover on L, Right Toe Strut Back.

Left Slow Coaster Bck, HOLD, R Coaster Fwd, Back Together
25,26 27 28      Step Back on Left Step R Together, Step L Forward Hold
29, 30, 31,32.   Step Forward on Right, Step Left together, Step Back on Right Step Back L Together

Step R Fwd, HOLD, Pivot 1/2L, HOLD, Repeat
33,334,,35,36    Step Forward on Right HOLD, Pivot 1/2 Left HOLD
37,38,39,40       Step Forward on Right HOLD Pivot 1/2 Left HOLD *

R Side Strut, L Rock Bck, Recover, L Side Strut, R Rock Bck, Recover
41,42,43,44       Step Right to side with R Toe Strut , Rock Back on Left Recover on Right
45.46.47, 48      Step Left to side with L Toe Strut., Rock Back on Right Recover on Left.

R Side, Behind, 1/4R Fwd, L Step Pivot 1/2R, 1/2R (Full Turn) Step Bck onto L, Walk Bck R L
49,50,51,52       Step Right to the side, Step Left Behind Right Make a 1/4 Right Step Fwd on L
53,54,55,56       Pivot 1/2 Right, Step Back on Left turning 1/2 Right , Walk back Right Left.

R Rock Bck, Recover , R Step Scuff L, L Step Scuff R, R Step Fwd, HOLD & L Tog
57 58 59 60       Rock Back on Right, Recover onto L, Step Fwd Right , Scuff L
61 62 63 64&    Step Fwd on Left , Scuff R, Step Fwd on Right , HOLD, (&) L Together

Dance Count 38 and Pivot 1/4L to face back wall and restart on Right Foot.

ENDING WALL 9* – Dance to count 32
Step Forward on Right HOLD, Pivot 1/4 Left HOLD (restart back wall)

January 2019 Sue Wilson and I spent some time together in NZ. I was inspired by the words of this song sung by Beccy Cole. I asked Sue to co-choreograph this dance with me.
The words are very special and relevant to me when I first heard the song.

We dedicate this dance to Jan Wyllie as we both felt her guidance as we danced.

Contact – E-mail : Siouxwilson@yahoo.com.au


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