A Little Night Club

Choregraphie par :  Tibor  MOSCH

Description :            16 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2017

Musique :                 A Better Place by Richard Lynch (Or Any NC2 Step Song)

Intro: 32 Counts

More example songs to this stepsheet
Kreise by Johannes Oerding
Any Way You Want It by Michael Learns To Rock
We’ve Got Tonight by Ronan Keating & Jeanette Biedermann

Sec.01: Basic Night Club Left, Side, Behind, ¼ Turn R Step, Rock Fwd & Rock Fwd, Back, Together
1-2&    Big step to left side on LF, RF step behind LF, cross LF over RF
3-4&    Step RF to side, LF step behind RF, RF step forward with ¼ turn right
5-6&    Rock LF step forward, recover on RF, step LF next to RF
7-8&    Rock RF step forward, recover on the LF, step RF next to LF

Sec.02: Step Sweep, Cross , Step, Step Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Cross Rock, Recover, ½ Turn R Step 
1-2&    Step fwd on LF & sweep RF fwd, cross RF over LF, step back on LF,
3-4&    Step back on RF & sweep LF back, step LF behind RF, step RF to side,
5-6&    Cross LF over RF, recover on RF, step LF to side,
7-8&    Cross RF over LF, recover on LF, ½ turn step on RF

Start again

TAG – Wherever needed – 4 counts side, touch, side, touch, (sways)
1-2     Step R to right side, Touch L next to R (Sway),
3-4     Step L to left side, Touch R next to L (Sway),

Restart : (A Better Place by Richard Lynch) 
Wall 6, Section 2, after Count 4& (Replace 4& by Backrock LF Recover and start again)

Contact: tibor.mosch@online.de


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