A Margarita Tiki Bar

Choregraphie par :  Sabine Backfisch & Nicole Klein

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Juin 2020

Musique :                  One Margarita by Luke Bryan (3:13) – 90bpm (also you can pitch up to ~ 95 bpm)Album: Born Here Live Here Die Here (iTunes & Amazon music)

Dance starts on main vocals after 16 counts. (2 RESTARTS/ 1 easy TAG-RESTART)

[1-8] Side Mambo R, Side Mambo L, Rock fwd R, Triple ½ Turn to R
1&2        RF to right side, recover weight back on right, step RF back next LF
3&4        LF left side, recover weight on left, step LF back next RF
5-6         RF Rock fwd, Recover L
7&8        Triple ½Turn (RF w ¼ Turn right, LF next RF, RF step fwd w ¼ Turn right (weight on RF) – 6:00

[9-16] Scissor Steps L, Scissor Steps R, diag. Rock fwd L, Triple 3/8 Turn to L
1&2        LF step side. RF step next LF, LF cross in front RF
3&4        RF step right, LF step next RF, RF cross in front LF
5-6         LF Rock diag. fwd, Recover on RF – 4:30
7&8        Triple 3/8 Turn (LF step to left, RF next LF, LF step fwd (weight on LF) – 12:00

[17-24] Step ¼ Turn , Cross Shuffle R, Side Rock L, Sailor Step L ¼ Turn to L
1-2         RF step forward, LF step to left side with ¼ Turn (9:00)
3&4        RF cross over LF, LF step next LF, RF cross over LF
5-6         LF Side Rock L, recover
7&8        LF cross behind RF w ¼ Turn, RF step to R, LF step to L (weight on LF) – 6:00
RESTART – Wall 3 & 4

[25-32] Kick ball Point, Step close L & Kick-Back-Down R, Swing Bumps (L/R), Coaster Step L
1&2        RF Kick fwd, close next LF, LF point left (weight on RF)
&3&4     LF close next RF, RF Kick fwd, Step back, sit down on RF (bended knee – weight on RF)
5-6         Rise up weight on LF, Recover on RF
7&8        LF step back, RF close next LF, LF step fwd


TAG Wall 7 (after 16 counts)
1&2        Hip Bumps R,
3&4        Hip Bumps L

Have Fun!!

Kontakt: bine@backfisch-ketsch.de www://backfisch-ketsch.de


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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