Ain’t Worth The Tears

Choregraphie par :  Mikael « LD Crazy Mike » Erlandsson & Micaela Svensson Erlandsson

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Février 2017

Musique :                 Ain’t Worth The Tears par Liv Marit Wedvik

Note: 2+2 walls with 2 Tags followed by Restart

Section 1: Step. Swivel Heels R . Coaster Step. Step Forward Swivel Heels L. Coaster Step
1&2      Step right foot forward , swivel both heels to the right side and back to center
3&4      Step back on right foot, step Left beside right, Step forward on right foot
5&6      Step Left Foot forward, Swivel both heels to the left side, and back to center
7&8      Step back on left Foot, step right foot beside Left , Step forward on left foot

Section 2: Step. Turn L ¼. Cross . Point. Touch. Point. Behind. Side. Cross. Step R Diagonal ,Knee Pop
1&2      Step forward on R, turn a ¼ over your left shoulder , Cross R foot over L
3&4      Point L to Left side, Touch Left next to Right, Point L to Left Side
5&6      Cross left behind Right, step Right Foot to the side, Cross Left foot in front of Right
7&8      Step Right Forward on Right Diagonal , Pop both knees and back

Section 3: Coaster Step. Kick Ball Step. Mambo Step. Sailor ¼ Turn
1&2      Step back on right. Step left beside right. Turn a 1/8 over Left shoulder and Step forward on right
3&4      Kick left forward. Step left in place. Step right in place.
5&6      Rock forward on Left. Recover onto Right. Step back on Left.
Tag & Restart here: On wall 3 (facing 9 o’clock) and wall 7 (facing 12 o’clock)
7&8      Sweep right stepping right behind left. Step left in place. Step right in place.

Section 4: Step. ½ Turn right. Step. Triple Full Turn forward. Toe Switches. Step. Scuff.
1&2      Step forward on left. Turn ½ right. Step forward on left.
3&4      Make a triple full turn forward over the left shoulder, stepping right, left, right.
5&6&   Touch left toes forward. Step left in place. Touch right toes forward. Step right in place
7-8       Step forward on left. Scuff right foot forward.

Tag: Replace the Sailor ¼ Turn Section 3, on wall 3 (facing 9 o’clock) & wall 7 (facing 12 o’clock) with a Right Back Rock and start over.



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