Choregraphie par :      Norman Gifford (USA)

Description :                 32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Septembre 2021

Musique :                      Someday – OneRepublic

Count-in: 16 counts, start with the vocals on the word « Treading »

(Grapevine right, touch, rocking-chair)
1-4        Right step side; left behind; right step side; left touch by right
5-8        Left rock forward; right recover; left rock back; right recover

(Grapevine left, touch, rocking-chair)
1-4        Left step side; right behind; left step side; right touch by left
5-8        Right rock forward; left recover; right rock back; left recover

(Half-speed pivot turn ¼ left, jazz-box)
1-4        Right step forward; hold; pivot turn ¼ left; hold [9:00]
5-8        Right crossover; left step back; right step side; left step forward

(Shuffle-step, hold, mambo-step back, hold)
1-4        Right step forward; left together; right step forward; hold
5-8        Left rock forward; right recover; left step back; hold


Optional ending: Starting at the 6:00 wall, on count 7 of last section of 8, facing 3:00, step ¼ left to face front.


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