Choregraphie par :  Ole Jacobson (DE) & Nina K. (DE)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janvier 2021

Musique :                  Things That Bring Me Down – Amber Lawrence

Note: The dance begins with the singing

[1-8] Chasse, back, recover (R+L)
1&2        RF step to the right – step LF next to RF – step RF to the right
3.4         LF step backwards – shift weight to RF
5&6        LF step to the left – step RF next to LF – step LF to the left
7,8         RF Step back – shift weight to LF

[9-16] Toe, heel, kick, back, recover
1            tap right toe next to left foot (heel direction to the right
2            tap the right heel forward (the tip of the foot direction to the right
3.4         Repeat counts 1,2
5,6         Kick RF twice diagonally forward and right (turn body slightly)
7,8         Step back RF – shift weight to LF
Restart: 3rd wall (6:00), 6th wall (12:00), 8th wall (9:00)

[17-24] Paddle turn 1/4 left, jazz box
1.2         RF small step forward – 1/8 L-turn (weight at end on LF)
3.4         Repeat counts 1,2
5.6         Cross RF over LF – step LF backwards
7&8RF step to the right – place LF next to RF

[25-32] Diagonally shimmy, together (R+L)
1            Step RF forward diagonally to the right
2,3         Pull LF over 2 counts to RF (wiggle shoulders and hips)
4            Place the LF next to the RF (weight remains on RF)
Restart: 5th wall (12:00), 11th wall (3:00)
5            Step LF backward diagonally to the left
6.7         Pull RF over 2 counts to LF (wiggle shoulders and hips)
7.8         Place RF next to LF (weight remains on LF)

… and from the beginning

Restart: 3rd wall (6:00), 6th wall (12:00), 8th wall (9:00), after each 16 counts
Restart: 5th wall (12:00), 11th wall (3:00), after every 28 counts


Amber Bring Me Down

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