Choregraphie par :  LTD Tucker (BEL) & Erwin K

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire Facile, Octobre 2020

Musique :                   Dave Sheriff – Angel Wings

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Step :Step : Chasse , Cross Rock , Shuffle ¼ Turn Left
1-2         Step right to side , step left next to right
3&4        Step right to right & place left next to right , step right to right ( chasse )
5-6         Cross left over right , replace right
7&8        Shuffle ¼ turn left on LRL

Full Turn Right: Forward Shuffle : Forward Step 1/4 Turn right : Cross Shuffle
1-2         Step right forward pivot ½ turn left ;Step back on left , pivot ½ turn left ( full turn )
3&4        Shuffle forward on RLR
5-6         Step forward on left pivot ¼ turn right
7&8        Cross shuffle LRL

Step Step , Shuffle Forward , Step Step , Shuffle Back
1-2         Step right to side , step left next to right
3&4        Shulle forward RLR
5-6         Step left to side , step right next to left
7&8        Shuffle back on LRL

Back Rock , Pivot ½ Turn, Back Rock , Forward Shuffle
1-2         Rock back on R , replace left
3&4        Pivot ½ turn left on RLR
5-6         Rock back on left , replace R
7&8        Forward shuffle on LRL

Start again ,

Music by Dave Sheriff and writing by him
A song written about the unfortunate situation where family members of patients with Corona virus are not allowed to be with their loved ones during their final hours.


Angels Wings – A Distant Memory

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