Choregraphie par :  Karl  Harry  WINSON

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Mai 2017

Musique :                 Attention par Charli PUTH

Intro: 16 counts (Start on Vocals)

Walk Forward X2. 1/4 Turn. Touch. Ball-Cross. Side. Sailor 1/2 Turn. Pivot 1/2 Turn.
1 – 2    Walk forward on Right. Walk forward on Left.
&3       Turn 1/4 Left stepping Right to Right side. Touch Left beside Right (9.00).
&4       Step Left in place beside Right. Cross step Right over Left (9.00).
5         Step Left to Left side.
6&7     Cross Right behind Left turning 1/2 Right. Step Left beside Right. Step forward on Right (3.00).
8         Pivot 1/2 turn Left (9.00).

1/2 Turn. Sweep. Behind-Side. Cross Rock. Side-Drag. Touch. Point. Back Rock. 1/4 Turn Right.
1          Turn 1/2 Left stepping Right back, sweeping Left from front to back (3.00).
2&        Cross Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side.
3&        Cross rock Left over Right. Recover weight on Right.
4 – 5    Step Big Step Left dragging Right up towards Left. Continue dragging Right foot up towards Left.
&6       Touch Right toe beside Left. Point Right toe out to Right side.
7&8     Cross rock Right back behind Left. Recover weight on Left. Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (6.00).

1/4 Turn Right. Triple 1/2 Turn (Semi-Circle). Side. Back Rock. Kick. & Behind-Side-Forward.
1         Turn 1/4 Right walking forward on Left (9.00).
2&3     Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (12.00). Close Left beside Right. Turn 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (3.00)
4         Step Left out to Left side (3.00).
5&6     Rock back on Right. Recover weight on Left. Kick Right foot to Right diagonal.
&7       Step Right foot down. Cross Left behind Right.
&8       Step Right to Right side. Step Left foot forward (3.00).
**Note: Counts 1 – 3 of this section should be making a Circular Motion over the Right shoulder.

Step. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left. 1/2 Ball-Cross. Back. Back Step. Right Coaster Step. 1/2 Chase Turn Right.
1 – 2    Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left (9.00).
&3       Turn 1/2 Left Stepping back on Right. Cross step Left over Right (3.00).
&4       Step Right back. Step back on Left.
5&6     Step Right back. Close Left beside Right. Step forward on Right.
7&8     Step Left forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Right. Step forward on Left (9.00).

Start Again!!

***Tag: The following 4 Count Tag Happens at the end of Wall 8 facing 12 o’clock Wall.
Forward: Out-Out. Back-Drag.
1 – 2    Step forward and Out on Right. Step Out on Left (feet shoulder width apart).
3-4&    Step back on Right taking a big step back. Drag Left up towards Right. Step Left beside Right.

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