Baby Put the Hurt on Me

Choregraphie par :  Carol  Cotherman

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Février 2020

Musique :                  Put the Hurt on Me – Midland

In trying to stay as simple as possible yet still maintain some phrasing with the music, this dance has 1 Restart and 1 Eight-count Tag.

#32-count intro.

Rock, Recover, Locking Shuffle Back, Rock, Recover, Locking Shuffle Forward
1-2            Rock right forward, recover to left
3&4          Step right back, lock left over right, step right back
5-6            Rock left back slightly behind right, recover to right
7&8          Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward

*For styling, allow your shoulders/body to angle slightly to the left on the rock/recovers and to the right on the locking shuffles.

Step, ½ Turn, Step, Hold, Full Turn, Shuffle
1-2            Step right forward, ½ pivot turn left taking weight to left
3-4            Step right forward prepping for turn, hold
5-6            ½ Turn right stepping left back, ½ turn right stepping right forward
7&8          Step left forward, step right by left, step left forward (6:00)

Step, ¼ Turn, Weave, Sweep, Behind, Side
1-2             Step right forward, ¼ pivot left taking weight to left (3:00)
3-4             Cross right over left, step left to side
5-6             Step right behind left, sweep left from front to back
7-8             Step left behind right, step right to side

Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Rock, Recover, ½ Turning Shuffle
1-2            Step left forward and in front of right, point right to side
3-4            Step right forward and in front of left, point left to side
5-6            Rock left forward, recover to right
7&8          ¼ Turn left stepping on left, step right by left, ¼ turn left stepping left forward (9:00)

Restart: Wall 3 after 12 counts – Dance through count 10.
Change counts 11-12 to Walk, Walk. You will restart facing 12:00.

Tag: At the end of Wall 6 facing 3:00, dance the following 8-count tag:
Rocking Chair, Jazz Box
1-2-3-4        Rock right forward, recover to left, rock right back, recover to left
5-6-7-8        Cross right over left, step left back, step right to side, step forward on left


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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