Backwood Bump

Choregraphie par :  Annemarie DUNN

Description :             16 temps, 4 murs, Débutant/Novice, Juin 2016

Musique :                  « Backwood Bump » by Waterloo Revival

TAGS @ walls 7 & 13 (NOTE: lyrics in song say dance steps)
START after 16 cts at lyrics

S1: ½ L untwist turn, Knee-bend “Dip”(alt back “pin drop”or full drop to floor), Side Shuffles
1-2                    Cross R over L – untwist ½ L turn (6:00)
3-4                    Bend knees “dipping down/leaning” back-come up (alt pindrop or drop to floor knees bent)
5&6, 7&8          travel to R side R-L-R, travel L side L-R-L

S2: Gallop jumps fwd-back, Hip bumps, ¼ L turning Heel switches
1& 2&               Rfwd – L fwd , R back – L back (keep feet open not to close together)
3-4                    R hip bump – L hip bump
5&6&7&8&       *Rotate this pattern ¼ L turn: R heel fwd-R step nxt to L – L heel fwd-L step nxt to R, R heel fwd-R step nxt to L – L heel fwd-L step nxt to R (3:00)

TAG#1 wall 7 – 2 back slide-touches, 4 back walks
1-2, 3-4             R Back diagonal slide- L touch, L back diagonal slide- R touch
5-6-7-8 4           Back walks with style/attitude

TAG#2 wall 13 ( Tag#1 – repeat traveling FORWARD, Tag#1 – S1 – Tag#1 – S2)
*8ct – Tag#1
*8ct – repeat but travel it all forward ( 2 forward slide-touches, 4 fwd walks)
(lyrics in song say the steps of dance)
*8ct – Tag#1
*8ct – S1
*8ct – Tag#1
*8ct – S2

Created 06/14/16 stepsheet by Annemarie Dunn


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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