Bad Girls

Choregraphie par :  Simon WARD & Maddison GLOVER

Description :            32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Juin 2015

Musique :                Bad Girls par MKTO

Notes: 16 count Tag on Walls 1 & 2, 8 count Tag on Walls 4 & 7 (last wall)

Intro: Dance starts on vocals, approx. 6 secs. End: Step R fwd turning L to front wall & pose

[1-8&] R vaudeville, Step on R, Cross/step L, R Toe, R Heel, ¼ turn R with L flick, Shuffle L fwd, R mambo, ½ turn L
1&2&    Cross/step R over L, Step L to L side, Touch R heel on R diagonal, Step R beside L 12.00
3&4      Cross/step Lover R, Touch R toe beside L with toe & knee turned in, Touch Rheel on R diagonal 12.00
&          Step onto right turning ¼ turn right flicking left foot back 3.00
5&6      Step left forward, Step right beside left, Step left forward (smooth shuffle fwd) 3.00
7&8&   Rock/step R fwd, Recover weight back on L,Step R back, Step L back turning ½ turn L 9.00

[9-16] ¼ turn L, Big step R, L behind, ¼ turn R, L side, R behind, Big step L, Cross/rock, Recover, Side x 2
1-2&     Turn ¼ turn L 6.00 & take a big step Rt to R side, Step L behind R, Step R slightly right turning ¼ turn R 9.00
3&4      Step left slightly to left, Step R behind left, Step large step left sliding right towards left 9.00
5&6      Cross/rock right over left, Recover weight back on left, Step right to right side 9.00
7&8      Cross/rock L over R, Recover weight back on R, Step large step L to left diagonal sliding R toward L 7.30

[17-24&] Triple step full turn L, L back, ½ turn R, L fwd, 3/8 turn L, ¼ turn L, Cross R, Rock L, Recover, Cross/step L
1&2     Step R fwd turning ½ turn L, Step L back turning ½ turn L, Step R fwd in a stopping motion 7.30
3&4     Step L back starting to turn ½ turn R, Complete ½ turn R stepping right fwd, Step L fwd 1.30
5-6      Step right slightly to right turning 3/8 turn left 9.00, Step left back turning ¼ turn left 6.00
7&8&  Cross/step Rt over L, Rock/step L to lL side, Recover weight onto R, Cross/step L over R 6.00

[25-32&] R basic, Big step L, Touch R toe behind, ¼ turn R, Step L fwd & sweep R ¾ turn R, R behind, L side, Cross R chasse
1-2&    Step large step right to right, Rock/step left behind right, Recover weight onto right 6.00
3-4      Step large step L to left, Touch R toe behind left looking to left (snap fingers to left, R arm crosses in front) 6.00
5-6      Step R to right side turning ¼ turn R 9.00, Step left fwd & sweep R back turning ¾ turn R 6.00
7&8&  Step right behind left, Step left to left, Cross/step right over left, Step left to left side 6.00


TAG: 16 count tag on Walls 1 (back wall) & 2 (front wall), 8 count tag on Walls 4 (front wall) & 7 (back & last wall)
[1-8] R vaudeville, Step on R, Cross/step L, Shoulder pops, R mambo, L mambo
1&2&  Cross/step R over left, Step L to left side, Touch Rheel on right diagonal, Step R beside left
3&4&  Cross/step L over R, Pop R shoulder up, Pop L shoulder up & R down, Pop R shoulder up & left down
5&6    Rock/step right forward, Recover weight onto left, Step right back
7&8    Rock/step left back, Recover weight onto right, Step left forward

[9-16&] R cross/chasse, ½ turn L, L cross/chasse, Hitch R, R cross/chasse, ½ turn L, L fwd, Body roll, L fwd
1&2     Cross/step right over left, Step left slightly to left, Cross/step right over left
&3&4  Make ½ turn left on R, Cross/step left over right, Step R to right side, Cross/step left over R
&5&6  Hitch right knee, Cross/step right over left, Step left slightly to left, Cross/step right over left
&7-8   Make ½ turn left on right, Step left fwd & roll body forward, Roll body back, Roll body fwd
&        Continue roll forward & take weight forward on left



Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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