Be A Light

Choregraphie par :  Peter Davenport (ES)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice/Intermediaire, Avril 2020

Musique :                  Be A Light – Thomas Rhett – ft. Keith Urban, Chris Tomlin, Hillary Scott & Reba McEntire

#16 Count Intro, Start On Lyrics, Track Length 2.54

S1: Side Tap & Side Tap, Behind 1/4 L, Kick Ball Step
1.2&        Step R to R, Touch L to R, Step L to L 12
3&4         Touch R to L, Step R to R, Touch L to R 12
5&6         Step L to L, Cross R behind L, 1/4 L step forward L 9
7&8         R Kick ball step (come forward on L) 9

S2: Syncopated Rock Step, Pivot 1/4 R, Cross Shuffle, Side Shuffle
1.2&        Rock R forward, Recover L, Bring R to L 9
3.4           Step L forward, Pivot 1/4 R (weight on R) 12
5&6         Cross shuffle L.R.L 12
7&8         Side shuffle R.L.R 12

S3: 1/4 L Side Shuffle, Rock & Side, Cross Side, Sailor 1/4 L
1&2         1/4 L side shuffle L.R.L 9
3&4         Cross rock R over L, Recover L, Step R to R 9
5.6           Cross L over R, Step R to R 9
7&8         1/4 L sailor step (come forward on L) 6

S4: Step Touch & Heel & Step, Pivot 1/2, Pivot 1/4 Weight R
1.2&        Step R forward, Touch L behind L, Step back on L 6
3&4         Touch R heel forward, Bring R to L, Step L forward 6
5.6           Step forward R, pivot 1/2 L (weight on L) 12
7.8           Step forward R, Pivot 1/4 L (weight on L) 9

*Tag 1
End of W/2, Repeat section 4 Restart the dance facing 9 o´clock

** Tag 2
End of W/6, Hillary Scott will sing the Lyrics just slow it down, Tricky but do-able.
Add 2 counts, 1. Rock forward R, 2. Recover L – Restart the dance facing 9 o´clock



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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