Choregraphie par :    Nikita Boocock (NZ), Jo Boocock (NZ) & Bex Roper (NZ)

Description :               48 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2021

Musique :                    Beautiful Crazy – Luke Combs

#24 count intro, 3 restarts (all facing 6:00)

[1-6] Back, Hook, Step into 3/4 turn
1,2,3        R step back on R, hook L over R, hold
4,5,6        L step fwd 1/4 left [9:00], R step back into 1/4 left [6:00], L step fwd into 1/4 left [3:00]

[7-12] R cross over L, Hold, Recover, Side, Cross
1,2,3        Cross R over L, hold for 2 counts with left foot raised
4,5,6        Recover back on L, R step right, L cross over R

[13-18] Side touch, 1/4 Left with sweep
1,2,3        R step right, L touch beside R, hold
4,5,6        L step into 1/4 left [12:00], sweeping R leg around to front using 2 counts

[19-24] Weave left, Side Step and Drag
1,2,3        Cross R over L, L step to left, R cross behind L
4,5,6        L step left, drag R into touch using 2 counts
**Restart here on wall 4 facing 6:00 and wall 7 facing 6:00

[25-30] R 1/4 back, Touch, 1/4 turn Right Stepping to Left, Touch
1,2,3        R step back into 1/4 right [3:00], L touch beside R, hold
4,5,6        L step into 1/4 right [6:00], R touch beside L, hold

[31-36] Step Back, Point, Step Fwd, Point
1,2,3        R step back, L point left, hold
4,5,6        L step fwd, R point right, hold
**Restart here on wall 1 facing 6:00

[37-42] Step R back, L Sweep, Behind Side Cross
1,2,3        R step back, L sweep back for 2 counts
4,5,6        Cross L behind right, step R to right, cross L over R

[43-48] Side Step with Sway, Recover on L, Drag R to touch
1,2,3        R step to right, sway with arm extended for 2 counts
4,5,6        Recover on L, drag R for two counts with touch by L

Ending after 9 counts – recover on left, step back on R to face front

Wall 1 after 36 counts (facing 6:00)
Wall 4 & Wall 7 after 24 counts (facing 6:00)

Dance edit, email:


Beautiful Crazy

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