Choregraphie par :  Jo Rosenblatt (AUS)

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2020

Musique :                    Dr Hook – When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman (feat Ray Sawyer) (A Little Bit More: Greatest & Latest – Alb.)

Feet together, weight on left, 32 Count Intro, 1 Tag, 1 Restart

Forward, Touch, Forward, Touch, Walk, Walk, Walk, Kick
1 2        Step R forward, Touch L next to right
3 4        Step L forward, Touch R next to left
5-8        Walk forward: R, L, R, Kick L Foot forward

Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Back, Back, Touch
1 2        Step L back, Touch R beside left
3 4        Step R back, Touch L beside right
5-8        Walk back: L, R, L, Touch R toe beside left

Reverse K Step
1 2        Step R back to right diagonal, Touch L beside right
3 4        Step L forward to centre (original position), Touch R beside left
5 6        Step R forward on right diagonal, Touch L beside right
7 8        *** Step L back to centre (original position), Touch R beside left ***

Vine Right with a Touch, Vine Left with ¼ Turn Touch
1-4        Step R to right, Step L behind right, Step R to right, Touch L beside right
5 6        Step L to left, Step R behind left
7 8        Turn 90° left step L forward, Touch R beside left (9)


TAG/RESTART: Wall 5 after 24 Counts ***(Reverse K Step)
Clap Twice and restart the dance to the front wall.

FINISH: During Wall 11 turn to the front on the final count of the “K” Step and then finish the dance with a Vine to the right and a Vine to the left.

This dance is dedicated to all the beautiful women at Aveo Durack who dance with me every Wednesday afternoon.
You ladies are cathartic for my soul.
They named this dance for me.


Free to be copied provided no changes are made to the original choreography.
Jo Rosenblatt 0417 074218


Beautiful Woman

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