Before & After

Choregraphie par :   Roger(leftfoot)Hunter 

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2019

Musique  :                   « I’m Not the Only One » by Michael Leggitt (available on youtube)

Starts 32cts in, No Tags Or Restarts.
After Music- ”Good as You” by Kane Brown (available on iTunes)
Starts 16cts in,

Section 1) Weave,Cross,Side,Back L&R
1&2&3&4&        Step R over L,step L to L,step R behind L,step L to L,step R over L, step L to L,step R behind L.(take weight)Hold*
5&6&7&8&        Step on L(recover),step R to R,step L behind R,step R to R,step L over R, step R to R,step L behind R.(take weight)Hold*

Section 2)**Step, Step ¼ Turn Right,Sweep Back x 4 and Hook,Pose,Step Lock, Step Sweep R&L,Sweep ¼ L.
1&2&3&4&        Recover on R,step L ¼ turn to over R shoulder(facing 3:00) sweep R back,sweep L back,sweep R back,sweep L back,hook R heel in front of L pose.(pose L hand on belt,R hand touching hat)
5&6&7&8&        Step R forward,lock L behind R,step R forward,sweep* L,step on L,lock R Behind L,step L forward,sweep* ¼ turn L,(facing 12:00)

Section 3)**Triple ½ L,Triple ½ L,Brush Jazz box,Jazz box ¼ R
1&2&3&4          Step R forward 1/4 turn L,step L next to R,step R back ¼ turn,.step L 1/4 turn to L,step R next to L,step L ¼ turn to L,brush R. (facing 12:00)
&5&6&7&8&     Cross R over L,step L back,step R to R,step L next to R,cross R over L step L back,step R ¼ turn to R,touch L next to R,pose*.(pose R hand on belt,L hand touching hat) (facing 3:00)

Section 4) Shuffle L,Sailor 1/4 R.Step,Sway & Cross R & L,Sway Pivot ¼ Turn L,sweep R
1&2&3&4          tep L to L,step R together,step L to L,sweep R back ¼ turn R,step L back, Step R forward,step L forward (facing 6:00)
&5&6&7&8&      step(sway)R to R,recover on L,cross R over L.step(sway) L to L,recover on R,cross L over R,step(sway)R to R,recover on L pivoting ¼ turn L (facing 3:00),sweep*R ( to start dance on 1)

*) holds,pose,sweeps,and brush are & counts)
**) turning option
Section 2)**Step, Step ¼ Turn Right,Pivot ½,Pivot ½,Back,Back,Hook,Pose,
1&2&3&4&Recover on R,step L 1/4 turn over R shoulder(facing 3:00).pivot ½ turn R on ball of L foot,pivot ½ on ball of R foot(weight should be on L),step back on R,step back on L,hook R in front of L,pose( L hand on belt,R hand touching hat)
**) no turn option for section 3, Step Lock Step or Shuffle R&L


Catégorie: Chorégraphes, Novice

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