Choregraphie par :    Mike Kruger (USA)

Description :               32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Septembre 2021

Musique :                    Beggin’ – Madcon

Intro: 16 counts – 2 Restarts

[1-8] Walk R&L, Heel Swivel R&L, 1/2 Turn Pivot
1,2            Step R forward, step L forward
3&4&        Point R to side swiveling heel out-in-out, R steps besides L
5&6&        Point L to side swiveling heel out-in-out, step L besides R
7,8            Point R toe back, 1/2 turn pivot R keeping weight shift over L while maintaining R toe touch fwd

[9-16] Toe touch, 1/2 Unwind, L Coaster, Point-hold R&L
&1,2         Step R beside L, point L toe back, 1/2 turn pivot over L keeping weight shift over R while maintaining L toe touch fwd
3&4          Step L back, step R beside L, step L fwd
5,6            Point R to right, hold
&7,8         Cross R over L, point L to left, hold

[17-24] 1/4 Turn Monterey cross, 3/4 Turn Hitch, Shuffle
&1,2         Step L over R, point R to side, 1/4 turn right bringing R beside L
3&4          L side rock, recover on R, L cross over R
5,6            Place R beside L, 3/4 turn left with knee hitch
7&8          Step LRL

[25-32] 1/4 Turn Jazz Box, Point RL, Heel switches RL
1,2            Cross R over L, 1/4 turn right while stepping L back
3,4            Step R to side, step L beside R
5&6&        Point R to side, step R beside L, point L to side, step L beside R
7&8&        R heel touch forward, step R beside L, L heel touch forward, step L beside R

Restart 1: Wall 8, after 16 counts
Restart 2: Wall 11, after 24 counts


Beggin’ You

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