Choregraphie par :    Gianni Hook Valassi (ITY)

Description :               32 temps, 1 mur, Débutant, Février 2021

 Musique :                  Till I’m Too Old to Die Young – Moe Bandy

Intro: 8 counts

Tag at the end of Wall 3

[01 – 08]: Walk R, Walk L, R Shuffle Forward, L Rock, R Recover, Shuffle ½ Turn L
1-2        R step fwd, L step fwd
3&4       Step R foot forward, step L beside R, step fwd on R
5-6        Rock fwd on L, recover on R
7&8       Step L foot ¼ turn to 9:00, step R beside L, step L ¼ turn to 6:00

[9 – 16]: Weave L, R Cross Rock, L Recover, Shuffle ¼ Turn R
1-4        Cross right over left, step side left, cross right behind left, step side left
5-6        Cross right over left, recover onto left
7&8       Step R to R side, close left to right, turn ¼ right and step right fwd (9:00)

[17 – 24]: L Cross, R Point, R Cross, L Point, L Rock, R Recover, L Coaster Step
1-2        Cross step L over R, Point R to R side
3-4        Cross step R over L, Point L to L side
5-6        Rock fwd on L, recover on R
7&8       Step back L, step back R next to L, step L fwd

[25 – 32]: R Side Rock, L Recover, R Cross Shuffle, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn, L Shuffle Forward
1-2        Rock right on right foot. Recover onto left foot
3-4        Cross right over left. Step left with left foot. Cross right over left.
5-6        Step back on R into ¼ turn L, turn ¼ turn L stepping L to L side (you will have completed a ½ turn) (3:00)
7&8       Step L foot forward, step R beside L, step fwd on L

End of dance.

TAG: At the end of Wall 3 (facing 9 o’clock), there is a 4 count tag.
R Rocking Chair
1-2        Rock right forward, recover left
3-4        Rock right back, recover left

Judy Worth:


Better When I’m Dancing

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