Big Mouth

Choregraphie par :  Amy  Glass

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janvier 2019

Musique :                  « Big Mouth » by Nikki Yanofsky (3:19). iTunes

#8 Count Intro. 2 Restarts after 16 counts on walls 5 & 10 (facing 12:00)

[1-8] Step Fwd, Touch, Back, ¼ R, Close, Heel Swivels, Point
1-2      Step forward on RF, Touch LF behind RF
3-4      Step back on LF, Make a ¼ turn R (3:00) and step RF to R side
5-6      Close LF next to RF, Twist both Heels to R
7-8      Twist both heel to center, Touch LF to L side

[9-16] Cross Point x2, L Jazz Box with ¼ L, Hitch
1-2      Cross LF over RF, Point RF to R side
3-4      Cross RF over LF, Point LF to L side
5-6      Cross LF over RF, Step back on RF
7-8      Make a ¼ turn L (12:00) and step forward on LF, Hitch R knee

[17-24] R Jazz Box into Weave to R
1-2      Cross RF over LF, Step back on LF
3-4      Step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF
5-6      Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF
7-8      Step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF
** Optional Styling: Dance this set of 8 with hands on hips during the chorus (will make sense when you listen to the lyrics of the chorus)

[25-32] Side Rock, Recover 1/4 L, Hold, Diagonal, Touch, Point, Touch
1-2      Rock RF to R side, Recover onto LF making a ¼ turn L (9:00)
3-4      Step forward on RF, Hold
5-6      Step diagonally forward L with LF, Touch RF next to LF
7-8      Touch RF to R side, Touch RF next to LF

Restart: Begin walls 5 &10 facing 12:00, 16 counts into the dance restart facing 12:00

Ending: Start the dance facing 9:00, and dance 14 counts (finish facing 12:00 and don’t finish the jazz box)



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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