Body Strut

Choregraphie par :  Barbara Mease & David Whitehead 

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janvier 2019

Musique :                  Body Talks by The Struts [feat. Kesha] 186 bpm

Intro: 32 Counts

Toe Struts To The Left w ¼ Turn Left
1-2      Touch R Toe across the left foot, Drop R Heel
3-4      Touch L Toe to L Side, Drop L Heel
5-6      Touch R Toe across the left foot, Drop R Heel
7-8      Turn ¼ turn L and touch L Toe forward, Drop L Heel (9:00)

Cross, Back, Back, Hold, ½ Turn L Hold
1-4      Cross R Foot in front of L, step L back, step R Back, hold
4-8      Turn ¼ turn L stepping L to the side (6:00), Step R next to L, Turn ¼ turn L and step L forward, hold (3:00)

Make 1/2 Circle To The Left With Heel Struts
1-4      Turning 1/8 Left touch R Heel forward, drop R toe, Turning 1/8 turn L touch R heel forward, Drop L toe
5-8      Repeat counts 1-4 (9:00)

Apart, Hold, L Knee, Hold, Heel Swivels
&,1, 2  Step R to R side (&), Step L to L side (1), Hold (2)
3-4      Drop R knee across L as raise R Heel, Hold
5-8      Swivel heels R,L,R,L Weight ending on L (9:00)


Tag & Restart: On wall 12 (3:00) dance the first two sections (16 counts) You will be facing 6:00. Add this tag:
Touch R across L, unwind ½ turn L, hold, clap hands, then restart the
dance facing 12:00

Contact information:
Barbara Mease:
David Whitehead:


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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