Boyz & Girlz Be Rockin

Choregraphie par :  Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K 

Description:              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2018

Musique :                  Southern Boyz & Girlz Be Rockin by Clyde Avant & Frank Smith feat. Wendy Moten

Heel, together, step, stomp, stomp down, hold
1-2      RHeel forward – place the RF next to the LF
3-4      LHeel forward – place the LF next to the RF
5-6      RF big step forward – stomp LF next to RF
7-8      LF stomp next to RF – Hold

Step-lock-step-step-lock-step, rock, recover
1-2      RF step forward – cross LF behind RF
3-4      RF step forward – LF step forward
5-6      Cross RF behind LF – LF step forward
7-8      RF step forward – weight back on LF

Toe strut back turning 1/2 R, toe strut forward turning 1/2 R, coaster step, stomp
1-2      RF put on toe behind – 1/2 R- Turn, RF set up
3-4      LF put on toe forward – 1/2 R- Turn, LF set up
5-6      RF step backwards – LF next to RF
7-8      RF step forward – LF stomping forward

1/2 monterey turn R, jazz box, step
1-2      RF touch R – 1/4 R-Turn and RF to LF
3-4      LF touch L – LF next to RF
5-6      RF cross over LF – LF step backwards
7-8      RF step R – LF step forward

… and from the beginning


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