Brand New Day

Choregraphie par :  Tina ARGYLE

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Juin 2016

Musique :                   Brand New Day par David NALL

Thanks to Glen for suggesting yet another awesome track!

Count In : 16 counts from start of track

Step Back Sweep. Behind Side Cross with Sweep. Cross ½ Turn . Diagonal Rocking Chair. Jazz Box with Basic Side Step
1          Step back left sweeping right leg clockwise
2&3     Cross right behind left, step L to left side, cross right over left sweeping left leg clockwise
4&5     Cross left over right, make ¼ turn left stepping back right, make ¼ turn left taking extended step Lto left side (6:00)
6&       Rock fwd right into left diagonal, recover.
7&       Rock back left still facing top left corner, recover
8&1     Cross right over left, Step back left. Take big step R to right side squaring up to 6:00

Diagonal Cross Rock, 1/8th Turn, Brush, ½ Pivot Turn Step. Full Turn Fwd. Rock Fwd. Sailor 1/8th Turn Basic
2&3     Facing top right diagonal cross rock left over right, recover, make 1/8th turn left to face top left diagonal stepping left towards left corner
&          Brush right at side of left
4&5     Step fwd right, make ½ pivot turn left onto left to opposite corner, step fwd right (top left corner 12:00 wall)
6&        ½ turn right stepping back left ½ turn right stepping forward right (or 2 runs forward)
7&       Rock forward left, recover
8&1     Cross left behind right, step down right, Take extended step left to left side squaring up to 12:00

Rock Back, Point Side, Touch In. Rolling Vine Into Basic. Rock Back, Point Rolling 1 ½ Turn Into Basic
2&3     Rock back right, recover, point right toe to right side
&         Touch right at side of left
4&5     ¼ turn right stepping fwd right ½ turn stepping back left ¼ turn right taking extended step R to right side
6&7     Rock back left, recover, point left to left side
&8&     Make ¼ turn left stepping down onto left, ½ turn left stepping back right, ½ turn left stepping fwd left
1          Make ¼ turn left taking extended step right to right side (6:00)

Rock Back, Side Step, Behind, ¼ Turn. Step ½ Pivot Turn Step. Full Turn Fwd. Left Mambo Fwd.
2&3     Rock back left, Recover, take extended left step to left side
4&       Cross right behind left, Make ¼ turn left onto left (3:00)
5&6     Step forward right, Make ½ pivot turn left onto left, Step fwd right (9:00)
7&       Make ½ turn right stepping back left, Make ½ turn right stepping fwd right (9 :00)
8&       Mambo rock forward left, recover onto right

Final Wall
Start of Wall 10 facing 9 :00, Step back left make ¼ turn right sweeping right to face 12 :00 step back right.





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