Buicks To The Moon

Choregraphie par :  Michael Schmidt

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant/Intermediaire, Septembre 2019

Musique :                  Buicks To The Moon – Alan Jackson [146 bpm] (02:37) – Intro: 16c, Tags

Doggone Cowboy – Clint Bradley [145 bpm] (03:06) – Intro: 16c, No Tag
Gone As A Girl Can Get – George Strait [145 bpm] (03:16) – Intro: 32c, No Tag
Info:(Mainsong) Start after 16 counts
Sequenz: 32-32-32-Tag-32-32-Tag-Tag-32-32-32-Tag-32-Tag-32-Finish

Step Lock Step R, Brush, Side L, Brush, Side R, Touch
1-3        Step Right forward, Cross Left behind Right & Step Right forward
4           Brush Left forward
5-6        Step Left to left, Brush Right forward
7-8        Step Right to right, Touch Left beside Right

Side Together Back, Touch, Side Behind Side Cross
1-2        Step Left to left, Step Right beside Left
3-4        Step Left back & Touch Right beside Left
5-6        Step Right to right, Cross Left behind Right
7-8        Step Right to right, Cross Left over Right

Side Rock Cross Hold (R + L)
1-4        Rock Right side, Recover onto Left, Cross Right over Left, Hold
5-8        Rock Left side, Recover onto Right, Cross Left over Right, Hold

Rocking Chair R, Step R, ¼ Turn L, Stomp (R + L)
1-4        Rock Right forward, Recover onto Left, Rock Right back, Recover onto Left
5-6        Step Right forward, ¼ Turn left (Weight on Left) (09:00)
7-8        Stomp Right forward, Stomp Left beside Right

REPEAT, Smile & Have Fun

Tag: 4 Counts at the end of round 3 (03:00), 5 (09:00) 2x, 8 (12:00) & 9 (09:00)
Heel, Heel, Back, Together
1-2        Step Right Heel (slightly diagonal) forward, Step Left Heel (slightly diagonal) forward
3-4        Step Right back (Home), Step Left beside Right

Finish: 4 Counts at the end of round 10 (06:00)
Step R, 1/2 Turn L, Step R, Hold & Clap
1-2        Step Right forward, ½ Turn left (Weight on Left)
3-4        Step Right forward, Hold & Clap

and why not …. tap on the brim of your hat and greet the singers

Workshop written for “New Years Eve Country Dance Night 2019”

Contact: hallokoala @ gmail.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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