Choregraphie par :  Roy A. Shepherd (No)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Décembre 2019

Musique :                 Will The Cirkle Be Unbroken by :Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jeff Hanna, Jimmie Fadden, Bob Carpenter, Jimmy Ibbotson , Johnny Cash , Roy Acuff , Bruce Hornsby and Many More

Twist Twist Twist x 4
1&2               (R)Twist Forward (L)Twist Back (R)Twist Forward
3&4               (L)Twist Back (R)Twist Forward (L)Twist Back
5&6               (R)Twist Forward (L)Twist Back (R)Twist Forward
7&8               (L)Twist Back (R)Twist Forward (L)Twist Back

Walk R Walk L Right Mambo Back L Back R Coaster Step
1 2 3&4         (R)Walk (L)Walk (R)Rock (L)Recover (R)Back
5 6 7&8         (L)Walk Back (R)Walk Back (L)Back (R)Close (L)Step

Walk R Walk L Shuffle 1/4 Turn Step 1/2 Shuffle 1/2
1 2 3&4         (R)Walk (L)Walk (R)1/4 Right (L)Close (R)Step
5 6 7&8         (L)Step (R)1/2 Pivot (L)1/4 Side (R)Close (L)1/4 Back

Back Rock Shuffle 1/2 Back Rock Left Shuffle
1 2 3&4         (R)Back (L)Recover (R)1/4 Side (L)Close (R)1/4 Back
5 6 7&8         (L)Back (R)Recover (L)Step (R)Close (L)Step

Ending :
On The Last Wall The Song Slow Down. Finnish The wall .
Walk Towards The Center Of The Floor And Form A Cirkle
And Hold Hands As The Music Fades Out 🙂

Have Fun. Hope You Enjoy 🙂


By My Window (Will the Cirkle Be Unbroken)

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