Call it Out

Choregraphie par :   Byran  R.

Description :              16 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2019

Musique :                   Claudia Hoyser – Call It Out

[1-4] Cross Point, Point, Turning Sailor
1 , 2          Point R foot in front of L, Point R foot right [Variation Cross Rock 1 & 2]
3&4          Hook R foot behind L foot, (Turning) Step L foot next to R, Step R foot forward facing 4:30

[5-8] Cross & Heel, Hook, Step-Lock-Step
5&6          Cross L foot over R, Step R foot next to L, Left heel out facing 3:00
&7&8        Hook L foot over R shin, Step L foot forward, Slide R foot behind L foot, Step L foot forward
Restart on wall 16

[9-12] Heel and Stomp, V Step and Cross
&1&2       Place weight R foot, L heel out on diagonal, Close L foot, Stomp R foot
&3&4       Step R foot to 1:00, Step L foot to 11:00, Step Back to center with R foot, Cross L over R

[13-16] Spiral, Sweep, Pony, Walk x2
5 , 6&      Weight on ball of L foot Spiral ½ R sweeping R foot back, Rock back on R foot Hitching L knee, Recover forward on L foot facing 9:00
7 , 8         Walk R, Walk L [Variation Full Turn over R Shoulder]


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