Cheating On Me

Choregraphie par :  HOPIN  Gwendoline

Description :             56 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire Facile Phrasé, Mai 2019

Musique :                  This life by Vampire Weekend

Sequence: A-A-B-AA-BB-C-AAAA-BB-C-A…

Part A : (32 counts)
Side touch, Snap, Side touch, Snap, Triple Side, Snap, Triple side ¼ turn left, Scuff R
1-&          Put your foot on R, touch your toe L on side R, snap with finger
2-&          Put your foot on L, touch your toe R on side L,
3&4&      Step R, Foot L together to R, Step on R, snap with finger
5-&          Put your foot on L, touch your toe R on side L,
6-&          Put your foot on R, touch your toe L on side R,
7&8&      Step L, foot R together to L, Step 1/4 turn on L, Scuff your R foot

Step, Touch, Back, kick, Coaster step x 2
1&2        Step forward on R, Touch toe L behind to R, Recover back to L
&3&4      Kick front R, Coaster Step R
5&6        Step forward on L, Touch toe R behind to L, recover back to R
&7&8      Kick front L, coaster step L

Partie B : (8 counts)
Walk round ¾ right, Triple step, Walk forward, Triple Step
1-2         Walk R & L and start around 1/2 turn on the R
3&4        Triple Step R 1/4 turn on the R
5-6          Walk forward L & R
7&8        Triple Step forward L

Partie C : (16 counts)
Toe strut R, Toe strut L, Step turn Step ½ trun L, Toe strut L, Toe strut R, Step turn Step ½ turn R
1&2&     Toe R forward, drop R heel, Toe L forward, drop L heel
3&4        Step forward R, turn 1/2 to L, Step forward R
5&6&     Toe L forward, drop L heel, toe R forward, drop R heel
7&8        Step forward L, turn 1/2 to R, Step forward L

Side rock R, Triple Cross R, Side rock L, Behind side cross L
1-2         Rock side on R, recover on L,
3&4        Cross R, L closed to behind R, Cross R
5-6         Rock side on L, recover on R
7&8        Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross R over L

You tube Channel : Wild country Bachant

Facebook : Wild country Gwen


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