Cia Adios

Choregraphie par :   Tim  SCHALCH

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant, Août 2017

Musique :                  Ciao Adios by Anne-Marie

Dance Starts on Lyrics

(Restart on wall 4, 16 counts in)

[1-8] R knee Roll (In,Out), L knee Roll (In, Out), Kick ball cross, L to Side Hip bumps
1,2      Roll R knee in, out
3,4      Roll L knee in, out
5&6     L kick, L next to R, R cross over L
7&8     L to side, Hip bump RL

[9-16] Syncopated R hip bump, L hip bump, Back R, L, R coaster step
1&2     Step R, Hip bump LR
3&4     Step L, Hip bump RL
5,6      Back R, Back L
7&8     R back, L together, R forward (R Coaster step)
(RESTART Wall 4– last 2 counts, walk straight back – do NOT coaster step – will need to end with weight on L foot)

[17-24] Scissor L, Cross Shuffle, Scissor R, Cross Shuffle
1&2     Side Rock L, Rocker R, Cross L over R
&3&4  R to R side, L Cross, R to R side, L Cross
5&6     Side Rock R, Rocker L, Cross R over L
&7&8  L to L side, R Cross, L to L side, R Cross

[25-32] L Rock, Recover, L Coaster Step, R Rock, Recover, R Back, Unwind ½ turn
1,2      L Rock, Recover R
3&4     L back, R together, L forward (L coaster step)
5,6      R Rock, Recover L
7,8      R cross behind left, Unwind ½ turn R – weight will end on L foot (Facing back wall)


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