Ciao Bella

Choregraphie par :  Mathias  Pflug

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice+, Octobre 2018

Musique :                 « Bella Ciao » by El Profesor (HUGEL Remix) (approximately 3 min.)

Start on – « O Partigiano »

[01-08] Kick-Ball-Step, Walk r+l, Jazz box with ¼ turn r
1&2      Kick r foot fwd, Step r beside l, Step l fwd
3-4       Step r fwd, Step l fwd
5-8       Cross r over l, ¼ turn r stepping l back, Step r to r side, Step l fwd (3.00)

[09-16] Rock fwd, Recover & Rock fwd, Recover, Backward Walks with toe fans, ¼ turn r/ behind-side-cross
1-2&     Step r fwd, Recover on l, Step r beside l
3-4       Step l fwd, Recover on r
5-6       Walk back on left whilst fanning right toes with right heel on floor, Walk back on right whilst fanning left toes with left heel on floor
7&8      1/8 turn r stepping l behind r, 1/8 turn r stepping r to r side, cross l over r (6.00)

[17-24] Side Rock, Recover & Side Rock, Recover, Crossing Shuffle, Side Rock, Recover
1-2&     Step r to r side, Recover on l, Step r beside l
3-4       Step l to l side, Recover on r
5&6      Cross l over r, Step r to r side, Cross l over r
7-8       Step r to r side, Recover on l

[25-32] Heel Grind with ¼ turn r, ¼ turn r/side, Heel Grind with ¼ turn l, Back, Rock Back, Recover
1-2       Step r heel fwd & ¼ turn r grinding on r heel, Step l back (9.00)
3          ¼ turn r stepping r to s side (12.00) ***
4-5       Step l heel fwd & ¼ turn l grinding on l heel, Step r back (9.00)
6          Step l back
7-8       Step r back, Recover on l


*** RESTART ~ During 2nd wall (facing 9h) and 8th wall (facing 6h)
4          Step l fwd and then restart the dance

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Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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