Come On Baby Let’s Twist

Choregraphie par :  Kate  Damgaard  –  DK

Description :             48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janiver 2020

Musique :                  « The Twist » by Mike Denver. Album: « Workin’ Man » … iTunes

Intro: 52 counts from the main beat … « And it goes like this » then count 5,6,7,8

Restarts: During Wall 2 (3:00) and Wall 5 (9:00) after 32 counts
Ending: After 32 counts. 1/4 turn right, step R to the right side: Taa Daaaa, You Made It 🙂

Section 1: R Rolling Vine With Toe Struts/Bounce
1,2,3,4        1/4 turn to the right R toe strut fwd, 1/4 turn to the right L toe strut to the left side
5,6,7,8        Turn 1/2 over right shoulder, R toe strut to the right side, L toe strut together

Section 2: Left Foot Boogie, Left Side Stomp, Right Twist Together, Kick
1,2,3,4        L toes twist diagonally out/back, L heel twist diagonally out/back, L heel twist together, L toes twist together.
5,6,7,8        L stomp side, R heel twist together, R toes twist together, R kick diagonally fwd to the right

Section 3: Behind Side Cross Side, Side Rock/Stomp, L Twist Together.
1,2,3,4        R cross behind, L step side, R cross i.f., L step side,
5,6,7,8        R recover/stomp, twist L heel toe together, L touch

Section 4: L Diagonally Fwd Touch, R Diagonally Fwd Touch, L Diagonally Back X2
1,2,3,4        L step diagonally fwd (10:30), R touch, R step diagonally fwd (01:30), L touch
5,6,7,8        L step diagonally back (07:30), R together, L step back (07:30), R touch
RESTART Wall 2 & 5

Section 5: R Back Mambo 1/2 L turn, Kick Fwd, L Shuffle 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder Scuff
1,2,3,4        R back rock, 1/2 turn L, R step back, L kick fwd (6:00)
5,6,7,8        1/4 L step L fwd, R step together, 1/4 turn L, R scuff (12:00)

Section 6: Toe Strut Cross/Bounce i.f, 1/4 Turn Right Toe Strut/Bounce Back, Side Touch/Clap X2
1,2,3,4        R toe strut cross i.f.., 1/4 turn right L toe strut back (jazzbox)
5,6,7,8        R step side, L touch/clap, L step side, R touch/clap



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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