Choregraphie par :    Hege Langhelle (NOR)

Description :               48 temps, 4 mus, Novice +, Septembre 2021

Musique :                    In My Veins – Lauren Alaina

#1 Restart

1-2&          Rf step to R diagonal(1)Lf lock behind Rf(2)Rf step fwd(&)
3&4&         Lf touch beside Rf(3)Lf step beside Rf(&)Rf touch beside Lf(4)Rf step beside Lf(&)
5-6&          Lf step to L diagonal(5)Rf lock behind Lf(2)Lf step fwd(&)
7&8&         Rf touch beside Lf(7)Rf step beside Lf(&)Lf touch beside Rf(8)Lf step beside Rf(&)

(9-16)LCross,side,behind,beside,heel,beside,cross,1/4,1/4 sailor.
1-2            Rf cross Lf(1)Lf step L(2)
3&4&        Rf step behind Lf(3)Lf step beside Rf(&)R heel to R diagonal(4)Rf beside Lf(&)
5-6            Lf cross Rf(5)1/4L Rf step back and Lf sweep front to back(6)(9.00)
7&8           Lf step behind Rf(7)1/4L Rf step beside Lf(&)Lf step fwd(8)(6.00)

1&2           Rf fwd(1), Lf scuff beside Rf(&), ¼ R hitch Lf(2)3.00
3&4           Lf step L(3),Rf step beside Lf(&),Lf step L(4)
5&6           Rf step behind Lf(5)Lf step beside Rf(&)Rf step R(6)
7&8           Lf step behind Rf(7), ¼ L Rf step beside Lf(&), Lf fwd(8)6.00

(25-32)Ballrock,recover,ballstep,1/2,fwd,full triple,scuff.
&1-2&3     Ball of Rf beside Lf(&), Lf rock fwd(1), recover to Rf(2), ball of Lf beside Rf(&), Rf fwd(3)
4-5            ½ L Lf fwd(4), Rf fwd(5)12.00
6&7-8       ½ R Lf back(6), ½ R Rf fwd(&), Lf fwd(7), Rf scuff beside Lf(8)
Restart here in wall 3

&1&2       Rf fwd(&), Lf touch behind Rf(1), Lf step back(&), R heel fwd(2)
&3&4       Rf beside Lf(&), Lf point L(3), Lf beside Rf(&), Rf point R(4)
&5&6       Rf beside Lf(&), L heel fwd(5), Lf beside Rf(&), Rf point back(6)
7-8           ½ R weight on Rf(7), Lf fwd(8)6.00

1&2           Rf fwd(1), Lf beside Rf(&), Rf fwd(2)
3&4           Lf fwd(3), Rf beside Lf(&), Lf fwd(4)
5-6&          Rf rock fwd(5), recover to Lf(6), ½ R and Rf fwd(&)
7-8            Lf fwd(7), ¾ R on Lf ready to

Start again


Country in My Veins

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