Country In This Town

Choregraphie par :    Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K.

Description :                48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Août 2019

Musique :                     Somebody’s Gotta be Country by Easton Corbin

Note: The dance starts with the singing

[1-8] Rock, recover, back, cross, side, behind, side, cross
1,2        RF step forward – weight back on LF
3,4        RF step backward – cross LF over RF
5,6        RF step to the right – cross LF behind RF
7.8        RF Step Right – Cross LF over RF

[9-16] Side, touch, side (1/4 turn L), touch, shuffle back turning 1/2 R (2x)
1,2        RF step to the right – touch LF next to RF
3.4        1/4R Turn, LF Step Left – Touch RF Next to LF (3:00)
5 &       1/4 R Rotation, Step RF Right – Move LF to RF
6           1/4 R Turn, RF step forward
7 &       1/4 R Turn, LF Step Left – Move RF to LF
8           1/4 R Turn, LF Step Back (3:00)

[17-24] Walk backward, coaster-step, rock, recover, coaster-step
1,2        RF step back – LF step back
3&4      RF Step back – move LF to RF – RF small step forward
5.6        LF step forward – weight back on RF
7&8      LF step back – put RF on LF – LF small step forward

[25-32] Wizard of oz step (r + l), pivot turn 1/2 L, pivot turn 1/4 turn L
1,2        RF right angled forward – cross LF behind RF
&          RF small step to diagonally right front
3.4        LF Step to the left in front of the left – cross the RF behind the LF
&          LF small step to diagonally left front
5,6        RF Step forward – 1/2 L twist on both feet
7,8        RF Step Forward – 1/4 L Turn on Both Foot Pads (Weight on LF) (6:00)

[33-40] Jazzbox, 3/4 turn L, walk, walk
1.2        Cross RF over LF – step back
3,4        RF Step Right – Cross LF over RF
5.6        1/2 L Turn, RF Step Back – 1/4 L Turn, LF Step Forward
7.8        RF step forward – LF step forward

[40-48] Diagonal step, touch with clap (r+l) kick, back, recover
1,2        RF Step right Angled right Front – Type LF next to RF (clap hands)
3.4        LF step diagonally left back – touch RF next to LF (clap hands)
5,6        RF Kick 2x forwards
7,8        Right foot step back – weight before on LF
… and from the beginning

Last Update – 12 Aug. 2019 – R2


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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