Country Music Made me Do It

Choregraphie par :  Peter  Davenport – ES

Description :             64 temps, 4 murs, Novice/Intermediaire, Mai 2019

Musique :                  Country Music Made me Do It – Carlton Anderson

#32 Count Intro, Start On Lyrics, Sequence Of Dance 48,64,48,64,48,64,64….

S1 Side Behind Side, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Sailor 1/4 R
1.2.3     Step R to R, Cross L behind R, Step R to R (step slightly back) 12
4&5       Cross L over R, Step R to R, Cross L over R 12
6.7        Side rock R out to R, Recover L 12
8&1      Sailor 1/4 R (step R forward) 3

S2 Rock Replace, Shuffle Back, Step Out Out, Step In In, Step Out Out
2.3        Rock forward on L, Recover on R 3
4&5      Shuffle back L.R.L 3
6.7        Step R out to R, Step L out to L 3
&8&1    Bring R in (&) Bring L in (&), Step R out (&) Step L out (8) 3
(count 8, rock out L and place weight on L)

S3 Touch R Kick, Behind Side Cross, Touch Kick, Behind 1/4 R Step
2.3        Touch R toe to L, Kick R out to R (angle body to R) 4
4&5       Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R behind L 3
6.7        Touch L to R, Kick L out to L (angle body to L) 2
8&1       Cross L behind R, 1/4 R step forward R, Step forward L 6

S4 Rock Replace, Coaster Step, Rock Replace, Shuffle 1/2 L
2.3        Rock forward on R, Recover on L 6
4&5       R coaster step 6
6.7        Rock forward L, Recover R 6
8&1      Shuffle 1/2 R, L.R.L 12

S5 Step HOLD, & Step Lock Step, Rock Replace, Sailor 1/4 Cross L
2.3        Step R forward, HOLD 12
&4&5    Bring L to R (&) Step R forward, Lock L behind R, Step R forward 12
6.7        Rock forward L, recover R 12
8&1      Sailor 1/4 L (cross L over R count 1) 9

S6 Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Behind Step Forward
2.3        Side rock R to R, Recover on L 9
4&5      Cross R behind L, Step L to L, Cross R over L 9
6.7        Side rock L to L, Recover R 9
8&1       *** Cross L behind R, Step R to R, Step L forward 9
*Restart’s Wall 1 / 3/ 5 ** & C/O/S take out count 1 restart the dance, as & is the begging of the dance but it´s not an & count it becomes count 1.

S7 Step R Pivot 1/2 L, Shuffle Forward, Pivot 1/2 R Shuffle
2.3        Step forward on R, Pivot 1/2 L (weight on L) 3
4&5      Shuffle forward R.L.R 3
6.7        Step forward L, Pivot 1/2 R (weight on R) 9
8&1      Shuffle forward L.R.L 9

S8 Step R Pivot 1/2 L, Walk Forward R.L.R, 1/4 Rock R, Bring L To R
2.3        Step forward R, Pivot 1/2 L (weight on L) 3
4.5.6     Walk forward R.L.R 9
7.8&     1/4 L out to L, Recover on R, Quickly bring L to R 6



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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