Countryfield Soul

Choregraphie par :  Darren BAILEY  &  Rob  FOWLER

Description :              84 temps, 2 murs, Avancé, Avril 2015

Musique :                   Countryfield Soul par Emerson Drive

Sequence of dance 2 x ABC – Tag 1 – B –Tag 2-B- C x2

Part A:- 32 counts
Sec 1: Walk ,Walk, Triple STEP,1/2 Turn, ¼ Turn,Sailor Step
1 – 2      Walk Fwd R, Walk Fwd L
3 &4      Triple Step in place RLR
5 – 6      Make ½ Turn Back left step fwd L, Make ¼ turn L step R to R side
7&8       L sailor step LRL

Sec 2: Kick & Touch x 2, Step Out Out, Hold, Swivet
1 &2       Kick R fwd, step Fwd R, touch L to L side
3 &4       Kick Lfwd, step fwd L, touch R to R side
5 – 6       Step fwd R, Step L to L side
7&8        Hold, Twist R Toe to R L heel to L, Back to Centre(SWIVET)

Sec 3: Rock & Side x 2, Step ½ Turn, Shuffle Back ½ Turn,
1 &2       Rock R over L, Recover, Step R to R side
3 &4       Rock L over R, Recover, Step L to L side
5 – 6      Step Fwd R, Make ½ Turn L,
7 &8       Make ½ turn L Shuffle back L

Sec 4: Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Step ½ Pivot Turn, ½ Turn, ¼ turn
1 &2      L Coaster step LRL
3 – 4      Walk fwd R, Walk L
5 – 6      Step fwd R, Make ½ turn L,
7 – 8      Make ½ turn L Step back R, Make ¼ turn L step L to L side
Part B:- 36 counts
Sec 5: Heel Jacks x2, & Touch & Kick, Behind Side Cross,
1&2&    Cross R over L, Step L to L side, Touch R heel to R diagonal, step R next to L
3&4&    Cross L over R, Step R to R side, Touch L heel to L diagonal, step L next to R
5&6      Touch R behind L, Step R back Diagonal, Kick L Diagonally L
7&8&    Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Cross L over R,Step R To R side

Sec 6: Repeat Sec 5 on Opposite Feet Up to Count 8

Sec 7: Stomp , Sailor ¼ Turn Stomp x3, Behind ¼ Turn Step
1            Stomp L to L side,
2&3       Step R behind L, Make ¼ turn R step L to L side, Stomp R to R side
4&5       Step L behind R, Make ¼ turn R step fwd R, Stomp L to L side
6&7       Step R behind L, Make ¼ turn R step L to L side, Stomp R to R side
8&         Step L behind R, Make ¼ turn R

Sec 8: Step Fwd L, Full Spiral Turn R, Shuffle Fwd R,Rock Step, Coaster Step, Jazz Box
1 – 2     Step fwd L, Full turn R hook L heel infront of R (Spiral Turn)
3&4       R shuffle fwd RLR
5 –6      Rock fwd R, Recover back L
7&8       L Coaster step LRL
1 – 4      Cross R over L, Step back L, Step R to R side, Step fwd L

Tag 2: Rock R to R side, Recover
Part C:- 16 counts
Sec 9: Stomp Hook Behind, Step Back Hook, Step Fwd Fan Heel, Coaster Step, Walk Clap, Walk Clap
1&2&     Stomp fwd R,Hook L hehind R, Step back L, hook R in front of L
3&4        Step fwd R, Twist R heel R, Twist R heel L
5&6        R Coaster step RLR
7&8&     Walk fwd L, Clap hands, walk fwd R, clap hands

Sec 10: Stomp Hook Behind, Step Back Hook, Step Fwd Fan, Heel, Step ½ Pivot Turn Touch & heel &
1&2&     Stomp fwd L, Hook R hehind L, Step back R, hook L in front of R
3&4        Step fwd L, Twist L heel L, Twist L heel R
5 – 6       Step fwd R, Make ½ turn L
7&8&     Touch R behind L, step back R, Touch L heel fwd, Step L next to R

TAG 1 ( think of original Cotton eye Joe) END OF WALL 2
1 – 4      Stomp R, Kick R fwd, Shuffle Back R
5 – 8      Stomp L, Kick L fwd, Shuffle Back L
9 – 16    Repeat 1 – 8
17 – 24  4 Shuffles fwd RLR, LRL, RLR, LRL
25 – 32  2 shuffles back RLR, LRL, right coaster step, step fwd left touch right



Catégorie: Avancé, Chorégraphies

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