Crackin’ Cold Ones with the Boys (P)

Choregraphie par :     Rick Hobbs & Gail Eaton

Description :                 32 temps, Partner Débutant/Novice, Juillet 2019

Musique :                       Crackin’ Cold Ones with the Boys by: The Cadillac Three

Alternative Music: That’s Country Bro by: Toby Keith (No Tags, No Restarts)

Sweetheart Position, Same Footwork,

One Easy restart. After the 1st 8 counts of the 8th sequence then restart
[1 – 8] Heel Step, Heel Step, Shuffle R, Shuffle L
1-2        Right Heel, Step
3-4        Left Heel, Step
5&6      Shuffle fwd Right (R, L, R)
7&8      Shuffle fwd Left (L, R, L)
*** Note *** the Restart will happen here during the 8th sequence.

[9-16] Men: Rock fwd, Rec, Shuffle back R, Rock back L, Rec R, Shuffle fwd Left
[9-16] Lady: ½ Turn, ½ Shuffle, Rock back, Recover, Shuffle fwd Left
1-2        Rock fwd R, Recover L
3&4      Shuffle back (R, L, R)
1-2        Lady: Step fwd R, Pivot ½ turn left
3&4       Lady: ½ turn Shuffle (R-L-R)

**Note**… At this point you want the Lady in front of Man in Indian Position Both facing FLOD
Hands: Drop left hands on count one Re join left hands on count 4

5-6        Rock back on L, Recover R
7&8       Shuffle fwd Left (L, R, L)

[17-24] Hip Bumps R, Hip Bumps L, Right Rocking Chair
1&2       Hip Bumps (Right, Left, Right)
3&4       Hip Bumps (Left, Right, Left)
5-6        Rock Fwd R, Recover L Lady’s Choice: Rolling Hip Bumps 5,6,7,8
7-8        Rock back on R, Recover L

[25-32] Men: Step Side Together (small step), Shuffle fwd R, walk, walk, shuffle fwd L
[25-32] Lady: Step Side Together, Shuffle fwd R, Turn, Turn, Shuffle fwd L
1-2        Step R to Right Side, Step Left next to Right (Men: small step to side)
**Note**. This will return you to Sweetheart position
3&4      Shuffle fwd R, (R-L-R)
5-6        Walk L, Walk R,
5-6        Lady: Full turn in 2 counts, stepping Left, stepping Right
7&8      Shuffle fwd L, (L, R, L)

Contact: Gail Eaton at


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