Crystal Blue

Choregraphie par :  Rob  Fowler

Description :             56 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Avril 2019

Musique :                 Fenceposts by Cody Johnson

Count in: 16 Counts

[1-8] R heel, Together, L heel, Together, R lock step Fwd, hold.
1,2        Touch right heel forward, close beside Left,
3,4        Touch left heel forward, close beside Right.
5,6        Step forward Right, lock left Behind Right
7,8        Step forward Right, hold.

[9-16] Rock L, Recover, step back, kick R, L lock step back, hold.
1,2        Rock forward on Left, recover weight on Right,
3,4        Step back Left, Kick Right forward.
5,6        Step back on Right, lock left across Right,
7,8        Step back on Right, Hold.

[17-24] L coaster step ¼ Hitch R, Step side Hitch L, ¼ turn Hitch.
1,2        Step back Left, step Right to Left,
3,4        Step forward Left, ¼ turn Left Hitch right..
5,6        Step Right to Right side, Hitch Left,
7,8        Make ¼ turn Left on Left, Hitch Right.
(Restart – Wall 4 facing 9.00)

[25-32] Step R side, hold, back rock, Step L side, hold, back rock.
1,2        Long Step Right, hold,
3,4        Rock back on Left, recover.
5,6        Long Step Left, hold,
7,8        Rock back on Right, recover.

[33-40] Grapevine ¼ turn R, ¼ turn Hitch, Grapevine ¼ turn L, Brush.
1,2        Step Right to Right side, step Left behind Right,
3,4        Make ¼ turn Right Stepping forward on right, ¼ turn right Hitch Left.
5,6        Step Left to Left side, step Right Behind Left,
7,8        Make ¼ turn Left stepping forward on left, brush Right forward.
(Restart- Wall 7 facing 12.00)

[41-48] R Mambo fwd hold, L Coaster step hold.
1,2        Rock Right forward, recover on Left,
3,4        Step Right to Left, hold.
5,6        Step Left back, Step Right to Left,
7,8        Step fwd Left, hold.

[49-56] Step fwd R, hold, pivot ½ turn Left, hold, shuffle ½ turn left, step.
1,2        Step forward on the Right, hold,
3,4        Make ½ turn Left, hold.
5,6        Making ½ turn Left, step back on Right, step Left to Right,
7,8        Step back on the right, step Left beside right.

Start over: it’s a 56 Count dance on 2 step timing


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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