Dame Tu Cosita

Choregraphie par :  Raymond Sarlemijn, Sebastiaan Holtland

Description :             32 temps, 0 mur, Phrasée, Septembre 2018

Musique :                   Pitbull, Dame Tu Cosita

Sequence: A,B,AAA, BB,AAA A,B, AAA, BBBB

Part A: 16 counts
Heel grind rf, heel grind lf, jazzbox ¼
1      right forward
&      recover weight lf
2      rf close lf
3      left heel forward
&      recover weight rf
4      lf close rf
5      rf cross forward lf
6      ⅛ turn right, lf back
7      ⅛ turn right rf forward
8      lf touch rf

4/4 turn left, mambo right, mambo left
1      ¼ left, lf forward
2      ¼ left, rf right
3      ½ left, lf left
4      rf touch lf
5      rf right
&      recover weight lf
6      rf close lf
7      lf left
&      recover weight rf
8      lf close rf

Part B: 16 counts
Step forward, close, hip bump ( knee bounce), step back, close, crooss arms, open arms
1      rf forward
2      lf close rf
3      bump hip forward or bounce knees
&      hips, knees nuteral
4      bump hips forward or bounce knees
5      rf back
6      lf close rf
7      cross both arms forward right over left
8      open arms like holding a big skippy ball

Step left, close, arm movements, ¼ turn right grapevine, cross arms
1      lf left
2      rf close lf
3      left arm up to left, right arm salut an army salut
&      start change arms the other way
4      right arm up to right, left arm salut an army salut
5      rf right
6      lf cross back rf
&      ¼ right, rf forward
7      lf close rf
8      cross both arms


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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