Dance With Me Darling Cha Cha

Choregraphie par :  Marie Pietersz (Australia)

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Débutant/Novice, Mai 2020

Musique :                  Vertical Expression by Jean Corvers and Gerardo and Maria (YouTube)

(Written for COVID-19 ISO time)

Alternate Music: any cha cha music

Thank you to Menaka de Silva for suggesting this version of beautiful music

S1&2 Cross L over R, recover on R, L cha cha, cross R over L, recover on L, ½ turn R, cha cha
1-4            Cross L over R, recover on R, cha cha cha (L R L)
5-8            Cross R over L, recover on L, turn ½ R, cha cha cha (R L R) (6.00)
9-16          Repeat steps 1-8 (12.00)

S3 L side recover cross cha cha, R side recover cross cha cha
17-20        Step L to L side, recover on R, cross cha cha cha L over R (L R L) (styling hip sways)
21-24        Step R to R side, recover on L, cross cha cha cha R over L (R L R) (styling hip sways)

S4 R ¾ turning cha cha, quick change, hesitate and cross cha cha
25-28        Step back on L, turn 1/2 R, then ¼ R, then side cha cha cha to L side (L R L) (9.00)
&29          Quick change step back on R and point heel of L and pause,
31-32        Cross cha cha cha (R L R) (10.30)

This angle will let you automatically start on new wall by turning body 1/8th L to 12.00 to do your first step of new repetition on new wall.


If using preferred music, the following tags are included:
Tag 1 After 2nd repeat during instrumental before Spanish section (12.00)
Tag 2 After 6th repeat during instrumental before English section (12.00)

Forward and back cha cha
Step L forward, recover on R, cha cha cha on the spot (L R L)
Step R behind, recover on L, cha cha cha on the spot (R L R)

I do not own the music.
Contact: Email: Tel: 61 412 296 827


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