Choregraphie par :  Roy VERDONK, Sebastiaan HOLTLAND, José Miguel BELLOQUE VANE

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Avancé, Janvier 2016

Musique :                 Dangerously par Charlie PUTH

Introduction: Start dancing approx. 13 sec. – Sequence: 32, 32, 16, Restart 12 o`clock, 32, 32, 30, Tag, 32 etc.

Part l. 1-8 Fwd Rock/Recover with Aerial Ronde, Syncopated Sailors, Rock/Recover, Full Turns L (2x).
1-2        Step L forward, recover back onto R sweeping L from front to back in air. (12:00)
3&a       Step L behind R, step R to R, Step L to L.
4&a       Step R behind L, step L to L, Step R to R.
5-6        Step L forward, recover back onto R.
7&8       Making a full turn L (L,R,L) (12:00)
&a         Making a full turn L (R, L) (12:00)

PART II. 9-16 Slide R, Syncopated Weave R, Side Rock/Recover, Cross, ½ Turn R with Hesitation Sweep R, Sailor, Syncopated Lock Step Fwd.
1            Step R big to R drag on L.
2&a       Step L behind R, Step R to R, Step L across R.
3-4        Step R to R, recover back onto L.
&5-6      Step R across L, Making ½ turn R onto L (6) sweeping R from front to back.
7&8       Step R behind L, Step L to L, Step R slightly diagonally forward.
&a         Lock L behind R, Step R forward.
(*Restart dance from here in wall 3 after 16 counts (facing 12 o`clock).

PART III. 17-24 Rock Forward L/Recover R with Hip Roll, Step, Sweep, Cross, Side, Touch Fwd, Ball/Cross, ¼ Turn L, Runs Back R-L-R, Rock Back L/Recover.
1-2        Step L forward, starting hip roll CCW, Recover back onto R finishing hip roll.
3           Step L forward sweeping R from back to front.
4&5       Step R across L, Step L to L, Touch R diagonally forward.
&6         Step R back in place on ball, Step L across R.
&a7       Making ¼ turn L (3) stepping R back, Stepping L back, stepping R back.
8&         Step L back, recover back onto R.

PART lV. 25-32 Point L, Cross (Snap), Point R, Cross (Snap), Hip Sways L-R-L, Full Turn R.
1-2        Point L out to L, Step L across R, (Optional: snap with both fingers).
3-4        Point R out to R, Step R across L, (Optional: snap with both fngers).
5-6        Step L to L swaying hips to left, swaying hips to right.
(*in wall 6 do Tag from this point and then Restart the dance facing 9 o`clock).
7           Sway hips L.
8&a       Making full turn R (R-L-R).

TAG: Wall 6 after 30 counts
Hold, Syncopated Rock Steps Traveling Backwards, Syncopated Lock Step.
7          Hold (weight onto R).
8&a      Step L across forward R, Recover back onto R, Step L to L.
1&a      Recover back onto R, Step L behind R, Step R to R.
2&a      Recover back onto L, Step R behind L, Step L to L.
3&a      Recover back onto R, Step L behind R, Step R to R.
4&        Lock L behind R, Step R slightly diagonal right.
Dance Edit, email: royverdonkdancers@gmail.com / smoothdancer79@hotmail.com / jose_nl@hotmail.com




Catégorie: Avancé

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