Choregraphie par :  Rick  Dominguez

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice +, Mai 2020

Musique :                  Do Si Do by Diplo & Bronco Brown (2:19)

Dance begins after 16 counts – No Tags or Restarts

[1-8] Step Point, Heel, Coaster, Heel Hook Heel, Coaster
&1,2       Step R next to L, Point L to left side, tap L heel forward.
3&4        Step L back, step R together, step L forward.
5&6        Tap R heel forward, hitch R heel over left, tap R heel forward.
7&8        Step R back, step L together, step R forward.

[9-16] Rock Recover, ½ Triple, Point R, Ball Side, Shoulder Shake
1,2         Rock L forward, recover weight on R. (prep for left turn)
3&4        Step L ¼ left, step R together, step L¼ left.
5&6        Point R to right, step ball of R next to L, step L to left side.
7&8        Lean onto L as you bump/shake your shoulders L, R, L.

[17-24] R Sailor, Weave, Side Rock, Recover, Weave
1&2        Step R behind left, step L to left side, step R to right side
3&4        Step L behind R, step R to right side, cross L over R.
5,6         Rock R to right side, recover weight on L.
7&8        Step R behind L, step L to left side, cross R over L.

[25-32] Point and Point and Heel and Heel Ball, Hold, ¼ Bump Bump Bump
1&2&     Point L to Left, step L together, Point R to right, step R together.
3&4&     Tap L heel forward, step L together, Tap R heel forward, step R together.
5,6         Step L forward, Hold
7&8        ¼ turn right keeping your left foot in place as you push your tush out and bump your tush to the left, right, left. (for optical fun, bend slightly forward to extenuate the booty)

Start again!

Variations: On the fourth repetition you can change counts 5-8 to match the lyric “spin it round like a ceiling fan” 5, 6 Rock R forward,, Recover back on L. 7&8 Make a full 360 turn over R shoulder as you step RLR.
Also on the fourth repetition, you can replace 15 &16 with three (7&8) or four (a7&8) hand claps to match the lyrics “clap 4 times”

*Ending – Dance ends facing 9’Oclock. Step forward on count 29 (5), look over your
right shoulder on count 30 (hold), also a lyrical cue “Freeze”
Last 2 counts, 31, 32 (7,8) just EXHALE! 😉 done!



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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