Don’t Be Blue (Easy)

Choregraphie par :  Lyn  BOOTH

Description :            48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Octobre 2016

Musique :                Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban (iTunes single) Ripcord

Start on the third word ‘see’: The song begins ”I can see you over there…”

S1: Step L back sweep R, Step R back sweep L. Left and Right Sailor.
1,2,3      Step L back, Sweep R back,
1,2,3      Step R back, Sweep L back,
1,2,3      L Sailor (L behind R, step R to Side, Step L to side)
1,2,3      R Sailor (R behind L, step L to Side, Step L to side)

S2: Step L Fwd, Sweek R. Step R Fwd, Sweep L. L waltz in front, R waltz in front.
1,2,3      Step L fwd, Sweep R fwd
1,2,3      Step R fwd, Sweep L fwd
1,2,3      Waltz step; Step L acrooss R, Step R to side, Replace L
1,2,3      Waltz step; Step R across L, Step L to side, Replace R

S3: Waltz Fwd with ¼ L, Waltz Back LRL
1,2,3      Fwd waltz step turning ¼ L (LRL) (9:00)
1,2,3      Back waltz step (RLR) directly back

S4: Step/sway Fwd on L ¼ to Right, Step Back R coaster step to diag L (8:00)
1,2,3      Step fwd L Sway ¼ R (3 counts) facing 12:00 as you sway to R
1,2,3      Turning ¼ L Step/replace weight on R – coaster step (R together L, fwd R) turning slightly to L diag. – facing about 8.00 o’clock (3 counts)

S5: Pivot to 10 o’clock, Pivot to 3.00 o’clock
1,2,3      Step fwd L pivot to diag 10.00 (3 counts) wt R
1,2,3      Step fwd L pivot to 3 o’clock (3 counts) wt R

S6: Step/Sway Fwd L, Replace R,L,R slightly back
1,2,3      Step/sway fwd L (3 counts)
1,2,3      Step/replace R, L tog, step R slightly back (3 counts)

[48 Count] Restart

TAG at the end of wall 4. Facing Front:
Step/sway ¼ L, Tripple to front tog , Sway/step ¼ to R, Tripple step tog
1,2,3      ¼ turn to L step/sway L
1,2,3      ¼ turn to R stepping RLR to front (tripple step facing 12.00)
1,2,3      ¼ turn to R Step/sway L
1,2,3      ¼ turn to L Sstepping L,R.L to front (tripple step facing 12.00)

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