Double Scoop

Choregraphie par :  Derek Steele, Jill Babinec, Debi Pancoast, Rosie Multari

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Septembre 2019

Musique :                   Ice Cream by Mika (single available)

Intro is 32 counts – start with vocals
*Restart after 8 counts during 4th rotation

[1 – 8]* Hip Swing R-L-R-L, R Sailor Step, Behind Quarter Step
1,2,3,4          Step R side shoulder width apart with bent knees and swing hips right, Swing hips left, Swing hips right, Swing hips left
5&6              Step R behind left, step L to left side, step R to right side
7&8              * Step L behind right, Turn 1/4 right stepping forward R [3:00]; Step L forward*
*Restart here during 4th wall

[9 – 16] Crossing Hitch, Touch Back x2, Quarter, Roll Down, Back-Back-Back
1,2               Hitch R knee at diagonal across L, Touch R back at diagonal R
3,4               Hitch R knee at diagonal across L, Touch R back at diagonal R
5,6               Leave R toe where it is and turn 1/4 right on L [6:00], Body roll down to “sit” with weight on L
7&8             Run back R, L, R

[17-24] Coaster Cross, Rock-Recover-Cross, Quarter, Half, Triple Forward
1&2              Step back L, Step together R, Step L across R
3&4              Rock side R, Recover weight L, Step R across L (prep L shoulder slightly back)
5,6               Release L shoulder turning 1/4 right stepping back L [9:00], Continue turning 1/2 right stepping forward R [3:00]
7&8              Triple forward L, R, L

[25-32] Kick-n-Twist, Kick-n-Twist, Jazz Box Cross
1&2&            Small kick low and forward R, Step together R, Touch L back while twisting heels of both feet left or slight sliding of L toes to back left diagonal with R knee bent, “Recover” by straightening up for next step (weight R)
3&4&            Small kick low and forward L, Step together L, Touch L back while twisting heels of both feet right or slight sliding of R toes to back right diagonal with L knee bent, “Recover” by straightening up for next step (weight L)
5,6,7,8          Step R across L, Step back L, Step Side R, Step L across R

Begin again with this as your “new” 12:00 starting reference wall.

*Restart: On fourth rotation, you will start the dance facing your original 9:00 reference wall and will be facing the original front wall at count 8 to restart from the top of the dance.
Optional Ending: You will be facing original 3:00 reference wall and dance counts 1-6 as is, count 7 touch L toe behind R, Turn 1/4 to front wall and “droop” and pout like you dropped your ice cream.

This step sheet may be freely copied intact however modifications to this step sheet may not be made without the permission of the choreographers.
Contact Derek @, Jill at or visit,
or contact Debi at, or Rosie at


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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