Choregraphie par :    Carol Cotherman (USA)

Description :                32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Novembre 2021

Musique :                     Stop Draggin’ Your Boots – Danielle Bradbery

#16 count intro

Big Step Back, Drag, Ball Step, Walk, Walk, Rocking Chair
1-2&        Step right back, drag left heel or foot, step left ball by right
3-4           Step right forward, step left forward
5-6           Rock right forward, recover to left
7-8           Rock right back, recover to left (12:00)

Step, ½ Turn with Touch, Step, Kick, Step, Kick, Step, Tap
1-2           Step right forward, ½ pivot turn left keeping weight on right and touching left toes in front of right
3-4           Step left forward, kick right over left
5-6           Step right slightly forward and right, kick left over right
7-8           Step left forward, tap right toes behind left (6:00)

Back, Cross, Back, Back, Cross, Back, ¼ Triple Step
1-2           Step right back, step left over right
3-4           Step right back, step left back and to left side
5-6           Step right over left, step left back
7&8         1/8 Turn right stepping right back, step left beside right, 1/8 turn right stepping right to side (9:00)
Note: Body is angled slightly right on counts 1-3 and slightly left on count 4-6.

Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Kick, Crossing Toe Strut, Back Toe Strut
1-2           Rock left over right, recover to right
3-4           Step left to side, kick right over left
5-6           Step right toe over left, drop right heel
7-8           Step left toe back, drop left heel (9:00)


TAG: 4-Count Tag: Back, Touch, Forward, Touch
1-2           Step right back, touch left toe in front of right (open body to right)
3-4           Step left forward, touch right toe behind left

Tag is danced at the end of Wall 7 facing 3:00, and after 16 counts on Wall 9 facing 6:00, then restart.

Ending: On the final wall (10), you’ll be facing 3:00 on the crossing toe strut, turn ¼ left for the final toe strut to end facing 12:00.


Draggin’ Your Boots

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