Drinks On The Rocks

Choregraphie par :  Denise  Boyle

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire Facile, Mai 2020

Musique :                  « One Margarita » by Luke Bryan. Album: « Born Here, Live Here, Die Here »

Counts: 32, 32, *24,* 24, 32, 32, *20, 32, 32, 8
START: On Vocals, Weight on Left

Rock R, Recover, Step R: Rock L, Recover, Touch L: Rock L, Recover, Touch L: Step L to Left Side, Touch R
1&2          (Angle body Slightly Diagonal L) Rock R forward (1), Recover L (&), Step R (2) to R side
3&4          (Facing Forward) Rock L Forward on Ball of foot (3), Recover R (&), Touch L (4) to Left side
5&6          (Slightly Diagonal Right) Rock L Forward on Ball of foot (5), Recover R (&), Touch L (6) to Left side
7,8           Take a slightly larger step to the Left side (7), Touch R (8) next to L

Step R to Right side, Behind & Cross,Step R ¼ turn Right, Rock L Forward, Recover (&) Step back L,Walk back R, L
1,2&3       Step Right to Right side (1), Step Left behind Right (2), Step Right to Right side (&), Cross Left over R (3)
4              Step Right foot with a ¼ turn Right (4) (3:00)
5&6          Rock Left foot forward (5), Recover on Right (8), Step Back on Left, (6)
7,8           Walk back Right (7), Walk back Left (8)

Jazz Box with ¼ turn Right, Jazz Box in place
1,2           Cross Right over Left (1), Step back on Left, (2)
3,4           Turn ¼ Right while stepping Right to Right side (3) , Step Left next to Right (4) (6:00)
5,6           Cross Right over Left,(5), Step back on Left (6)
7,8           Step Right to Right side , (7) Step Left slightly forward. (8)
* Restarts:
On the 3rd and 4th wall. Dance the 2 Jazz Boxes, then Restart
On 7th wall Dance the 1st Jazz box and then Restart dance

Triple step Forward, Rock Left ft Forward, Recover R, Triple step Back, Rock back Right ft, Recover L
1&2          Step Right Forward (1), Step Left Next To Right (&), Step Right Forward (2)
3,4           Rock Left foot Forward (3), Rock Back on to Right Foot (4)
5&6          Step Left foot Back (5), Step Right next to Left (&), Step Left Back, (6)
7,8           Rock Right foot straight back (7), Recover on Left Foot (8)

Ending: At the 10th wall, dance the 1st 8 counts then cross R over L foot and make a 1/2 turn to finish on Front wall .
Any Questions: Contact me, Denise Boyle at somedaydd@att.net


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