Drunk Girl

Choregraphie par :  Pam  Wingo

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Octobre 2018

Musique :                   Drunk Girl – Chris Janson

Dance moves counter clockwise, 1 tag/restart on wall 4 after 16 counts

[1-8]: (Weight on left) Wizard step R & L, rock step, ½ turn shuffle
1,2 &:       Stepping at diagonal, step R forward, lock L foot behind and step forward on R
3,4 &:       Stepping at diagonal, step L forward, lock R foot behind and step forward on L
5,6:           Rock forward on R, replace the weight to L foot
7 & 8:       Turning over R shoulder, step R,L,R making ½ turn (6:00)

[9-16]: Step ¼ turn R, triple across, side rock, triple across
1-2:         Step forward on L, make ¼ turn to R (9:00) weight on R foot
3 &4:       Shuffle/triple step L foot over R, weight forward on L
5-6:         Rock R foot out to side and replace weight to L
7 &8:       Shuffle/triple step R foot over L, weight forward on R

[17-24]: ¼ turn w/sweeps and modified ¼ jazz box
1-2:        Step ¼ left (6:00) with weight on L and sweep R foot in front of L
3-4:        Step R foot down and sweep L foot in front of R
5-8:        Step L foot down in front of R (5), step back on R (6), make a ¼ to L, stepping down on L (7) and touch R toe next to L (8) 3:00

[25-32]: Shuffle/triple step forward, ½ turn pivot, full turn, step, hook
1 &2:      Shuffle/triple step (R,L,R)
3-4:        Step forward on L and make ½ turn pivot (weight on R) 9:00
5-6:        ½ turn putting weight on L (5), ½ turn over right shoulder putting weight on R
7-8:        Step slightly forward on L and hook R foot over L leg (9:00)

Begin again!! Any questions, please contact me at pamdances@icloud.com

**Easy tag/restart on wall 4: you will begin facing 3:00, on steps 15 & 16, replace triple across with cross and ¼ turn to left and touch R toe next to L—this will allow you to begin the dance again.


Contact: Jwwingo@icloud.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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