Empty Room

Choregraphie par :  Carina  FALK

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mai 2017

Musique :                  Empty Room by Sanna Nielsen

#12 Count Intro * 2 Easy Tags, 1 Restart

Section 1:
(1-4) Right Nightclub Basic. Left Nightclub Basic
1          Take big step to right side.
2&        Rock back left. Recover weight onto right
3          Take big step to left side.
4&        Rock back right. Recover weight onto left

(5-8) Serpiente – R cross, L sweep, L cross, R side, L behind, R sweep, R behind, L side
5,6&      Step R slightly forward and across L, sweep L from back to front, Cross L over R, step R to right side.
7,8&      Cross L behind R, sweep R from front to back, Cross R behind L, step L to left side.

Section 2
(1-4) Cross over, point, cross over, 1/4 turn, point
1,2        Cross H over L, point out L toe
3,4        Make 1/4 turn right stepping L cross over R foot, point out H toe.

(5-8) Behind, side, over, kick ball touch
5 & 6     Step R foot behind L, step L foot to left side, step R foot over L
7 & 8     Kick L forward, step L in place, touch R toe to right
**Tag: Wall 5, after 16 counts. Bump H hip and bump V hip, 2 counts (continue with rumba box)

Section 3
(1-4) Rumba box
1 & 2     Step R to R, step L next to R, step forward R, hold
3 & 4     Step L to L, step R next to L, step back L, hold
**Restart here on wall 2 (after rumba box)
(5-8) Shuffle back and coaster
5 & 6     Step R back, step L next to R, step R back
7 & 8     Step L back, step R next to L, step L forward

Section 4
(1-4) 1/4 turn left, 1/4, turn left
1,2        R step forward, make 1/4 turn left
3,4        R step forward, make 1/4 turn left

(5-8) Modified jazz box, touch
5, 6 &    Cross R over L. Step back on left. Step R to right.
7, 8        Cross L over right, touch R toe to right.

**Tag: after the first wall. Bump H hip and bump V hip, 2 counts
Ending: Modified jazz box but only 5,6 & 7

Contact: sofie.olsson83@hotmail.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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