Every Little Honky Tonk

Choregraphie par :  Steve Lustgraaf

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Février 2019

Musique :                  « Every Little Honky Tonk Bar » by George Strait

#28 count intro, start on vocals

Side Triple Right, Rock Step, Side Triple Left, Rock Step
1&2     Side R, together L, side R
3-4      Rock back L, replace R
5&6     Side L, together R, side L
7-8      Rock back R, replace L

Kick Ball Change R x2, Triple Forward R, ¼ turn Triple Forward L
1&2     Turning diagonal right, Kick forward R, Step R next to L, Step L next to R (1:30)
3&4     Kick forward R, Step R next to L, Step L next to R (1:30)
(Restart here on wall 3, you will be facing the front wall)
5&6     Step forward R, step together L, step forward R (1:30)
7&8     Turn ¼ left, then step forward L, step together R, step forward L (10:30)

Side Rock, Crossing Triple, Side Rock, ¼ Turning Sailor Step
1-2      Rock side R, turn slightly left, replace L (9:00)
3&4     Cross R over L, Step side L, Cross R over L (9:00)
5-6      Rock side L, replace R
7&8     Step L behind R, turn ¼ left and step side R, step forward L (6:00)

Rock Step, Triple ½ Turn, Rock Step, Triple ½ Turn
1-2      Rock forward R, replace L
3&4     Turn ¼ right and step side R, step together L, turn ¼ right and step forward R (12:00)
5-6      Rock forward L, replace R
7&8     Turn ¼ left and step side L, step together R, turn ¼ left and step forward L (6:00)
(Non-turning option for this section, Rock step, Coaster step, Rock Step, Coaster step)

Restart: on wall 3 on the front wall, Restart the dance from the beginning after the two Kick Ball Changes. Dance through for the rest of the song, will end on the front wall.


Steve Lustgraaf – email: dncntime@aol.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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