Everybody Twists (Circle Dance)

Choregraphie par :  ScaleWings Dances

Description :              32 temps, 1 mur, Débutant, Août 2019

Musique :                  5, 6, 7, 8 by Steps

Section 1 – Heel Switches
1-4               Right heel forward and back to centre, Left heel forward and back to centre
5-8               Repeat (1-4)

Section 2 – Walk forward R L R, Kick and Walk back L R L, Touch
9-12             Walk forward Right, Left, Right, kick left foot forward, and
13-16           Walk backward Left, Right, Left, touch right foot next to left foot.

Section 3 – Twist moving L R L hold, and Twist moving R L R hold
17-20           Twist moving to the Left, Right, Left and Hold
21-24           Twist moving to the Right, Left, Right and Hold
(For styling hand movements – both hands up, move both hands when twisting to the left and same when twisting to the right)

Section 4 – Twist Left and clap, Twist Right and clap, Twist on the spot Left, Right, Left, Right
25-28          Twist Left, and clap, Twist Right, and clap
29-32          Twist on the spot, Left, Right, Left, Right



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