Choregraphie par :  Lynn  Sawyer

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Octobre 2019

Musique :                  Falling by Leon

S1 Side together forward twice
1,2          Step right to right side, step left to it,
3,4          step right forward, hold
5,6          Step left to left side, step right to it,
7,8          step left forward hold

S2 Rock recover¼, half turn, kick & point
1,2,         Rock forward on right, recover on left
3,4          ¼ right stepping right to side, cross left over right,
5,6          ¼ turn left stepping back on right, ¼ left stepping left to left side
7&8         kick right replace next to left point left to left side

S3 Cross unwind, right coaster, heel bounce, left coaster
1,2          cross left over right unwind ½ keep weight on left foot
3&4        Step back on right, step left next to right, step forward right (keep weight on both feet)
5,6          2quarter heel bounces ending with weight on right foot
7&8         step back on left, step right next to left, step forward on left

S4 Half Monterey, jazzbox
1,2          Touch right toe to right side, make ½ turn over right step right down
3,4          Touch left toe to left side, step left beside right
5,6          Cross right over left, step back on left,
7,8          Step right to side, step forward on left.

End of dance, No tags, No restarts

Submitted by – Jane Carstairs: j.carstairs1@talktalk.ne


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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