Falling From The Sky

Choregraphie par :   Micaela SVENSSON ERLANDSSON  &  LD Crazy Mike

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2016

Musique :                   Only Worse par Chuck OWENS

Intro 32 counts.

Section 1: Side. Touch. Point. Touch. Point. Side. Touch. Point. Touch. Point.
1-4      Step right to right. Touch left beside right. Point left to left. Touch left beside right.
5-8      Step left to left. Touch right beside left. Point right to right. Touch right beside left.
**2nd Restart here: On Wall 11(Facing 6 O’clock)

Section 2: Skate. Hold. Skate. Hold. Slow right Chasse. Hold.
1-4      Skate forward on right. Hold. Skate forward on left. Hold.
5-8      Step right to right. Close left beside right. Step right to right. Hold. .

Section 3: Skate. Hold. Skate. Hold. Slow left Chasse ¼ Turn left. Hold.
1-4      Skate forward on left. Hold. Skate forward on right. Hold.
5-8      Step left to left. Close right beside left. Turn ¼ left stepping forward on left. Hold.
*1st Restart here: On Wall 5(Facing 9 O’clock).

Section 4: Right Rocking Chair. Walk. Hold (& Clap). Walk Hold (& Clap).
1-4      Rock forward on right. Recover onto left. Rock back on right. Recover onto left.
5-8      Walk forward on right. Hold (& Clap). Walk forward on left. Hold (& Clap).

There are 2 Restarts.
The 1st is after Section 3, on wall 5 (Facing 9 o’clock.)
The 2nd is after Section 1 on wall 11 (Facing 6 O’clock)

Note: It is possible to dance this dance without the restarts, if you prefer that.
A while after you have heard the first Restart and ignored it, you will be back, following the music again.





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