Choregraphie par :  Mitzi  DAY

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Janvier 2018

Musique :                   Finesse by Bruno Mars

Intro: 8 counts after music starts. no tags. no restarts. yay!

Heel and heel and step then turn1/4 left with both heels up then down. Side point and point and step heel twist.
1&2&3&4        With weight on left foot put right heel forward.(1) Replace right foot beside left foot(&)With weight on right foot put left heel forward.(2)Replace left foot next to right(&)Step forward on right keeping weight on both feet(3)Raise both heels up and turn1/4 left(&). Set both heels down.(4)[9:00]
5&6&7&8        Keeping weight on right foot point left foot to left side.(5) Replace left beside right(&)Point right to right side(6) then replace right beside left(&). Step left forward keeping most weight on right(7). Twist left heel in and out and raise left hip as you do this(&) Put weight on left foot that is forward.(8)[9:00]

Rocking chair, skate right, skate left, scuff, out, out.
1-2-3-4            Place right foot forward taking weight on it, put weight on left foot, keeping left foot in place, place right foot back and take weight on it, put weight on left foot keeping left foot in place.[9:00]
5-6-7               With weight on left slide right foot from center to right diagonal and put weight on right.(5) Bring left foot beside right keeping weight on right then slide left foot forward diagonal left then put weight on left.(6) Scuff right foot forward.(7)
&8Stomp right foot to right side. Stomp left foot to left side keeping weight on both feet.[9:00]

Right heel twist, left sailor step,gallop full circle.
1-2                  Shift weight to left foot and twist right heel in then back to original position. Take weight on right.
3&4                 Step on left ball of foot behind right foot, step right to right side, step left to left side. Angle left foot and body to 8:00 in order to prep for a turn
5&6&7&8        Step right foot to point toe at 11:00,(5) step ball of left foot at right heel,(&)step right foot to point toe at 2:00,(6)step ball of left foot at right heel,(&) step right foot to point toe at 5:00,(7) step ball of left foot at right heel,(&)step right foot to point toe 9:00,(8)

Step left forward, point right to right side, step right forward and pivot 1/2, rock right forward,big step left back,heel drag right back, ball step.
1-2-3-4            Step left foot forward,(1)point right to right side,(2) step right foot forward,(3) pivot 1/2 over left shoulder and take weight on left foot.(3:00)
5-6-7                Step forward on right and press(5) then make big step back on left,(6)put right toes up and drag right heel back to left foot.(7)note for styling: when you step forward bring your hands up palms forward with elbows bent and as you step back keep palms up and straighten elbows as if you are doing a pushup against an invisible wall
&8                    Step on ball of right foot then step forward on left.

Enjoy! See y’all on the floor!



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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